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Steve Martin and Martin Short at Wolftrap


Two of the funniest men on the planet came to Wolftrap last Friday night, and it made for one of the best variety/comedy shows I’ve ever been to (and one of a start to the weekend).

Steve Martin and Martin Short are on their “An Evening You Will Forget for the Rest of Your Life” tour, and they had two back-to-back Wolftrap performances this past weekend, to sold out crowds.

From SNL, to “Father of the Bride”, to their individual performances in their own films; these two are are considered the epitome of classic sketch comedy that’s both relatable and appreciated at any age.  With their quick wit (cue Three Amigos skit with participating audience members, and Martin’s on-the-fly responses), their love of a good roast (Martin Short can deliver some great jabs), and physical comedic acting (both had their share); they prove that their talent is unique, as well as rare.

But, what made this show even more special, is Steve Martin’s love of Bluegrass.  His band, “Steep Canyon Rangers” delivered an amazing mini concert, some of which featured Steve’s unbelievable banjo playing skills.  All around, I laughed so hard I cried, I tapped my foot so hard it was sore, and I smiled so big my cheeks hurt.

If they come to your area, make sure to grab your tickets before they are sold out!

Check out some of my pictures below (excuse the graininess – we were in box seats high up).  Video was prohibited, so I couldn’t take any.

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Richard Marx and Rick Springfield at Wolftrap


“… so after three days of recording the album with N’Sync, they had to sneak out the back door, because there were 800 girls waiting in the front, and I, not being known, went out the front… to my car… in the main parking lot. Out of no where, a smoking hot girl runs up to me and asks, ‘Are you Richard Marx?’ To which I reply, ‘Why yes I am!’  She responds with, ‘My mom LOVES you!’…” (Richard Marx on his age.)

This is just a small snippet of how wonderful the evening was with both Richard Marx and Rick Springfield.  They are (self-deprecating) funny, relaxed, and prove that they are still willing to tour, solely because they love their fans, and they love performing.  While I agreed to accompany my mom to see her longtime heartthrob (Rick Springfield), I found myself truly enjoying the show they put on separately, as well as together.  The entire thing was done acoustically.

Check out some of my videos and pictures below.  More videos can be found here.





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I Love the 90s Tour at Wolftrap


A few weekends ago, I relived junior high school, high school, and college, all in one night, at Wolftrap.  When I heard a 90s tour with artists, such as Snap!, C+C Music Factory, Kid n’Play, Montell Jordan, Rob Base, TLC, and more were coming, I had to go.

The downside to going to these concerts is a. Realizing how old you are, and b. Realizing how old the artists are now, and how they no longer look exactly like they did in your childhood memories.  (To put it in perspective, Kid n’ Play’s “House Party” is 25 years old, and Kid is 53.)

The upside was that it was fun to hear the old songs again, and hear of what these artists are now up to.

Check out my videos and pictures below (more videos of each can be found here).


C+C Music Factory

Montell Jordan

Kid n’ Play


Each of them were having so much fun… until…


My mom and I left the concert after their second song, because it was that bad. T-Boz seemed incredibly unhappy to be there, and while Chili looked amazing, you could tell she was doing her best to carry the now duo.  They were singing along to recorded tracks – the whole thing was just awful.  I feel for them, but I’m unsure I’d recommend staying for their performance, or even going to one of their concerts.

Overall, it was a great night, and I’m so happy I got to relive the best part of that decade!

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Cyndi Lauper and Boy George Come to Wolftrap

IMG_6236 (1)

I am a HUGE lover of music.  I grew up listening and dancing to everything from disco, to classic rock, to classical, rap, techno, 80s, 90s, and the list goes on.  To those that understand, there’s nothing more enjoyable than the memories and feelings that come from certain songs in your life.  So when you have a chance to experience it live, it takes it to a whole other level.

A few weeks ago (yeah, I’m pretty far behind on posting anything these days), I went to the Cyndi Lauper and Boy George concert at Wolftrap in Vienna, VA.  These two artists were two of my favorites growing up, especially listening to the iconic “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” with my sisters (on repeat).  Naturally, I couldn’t wait to hear both of them sing the old songs that brought back so many fond memories.  Admittedly, I had kind of thrown them both into a time capsule and never let them out.  So when they took the stage separately and together, I was hoping for three hours of nostalgia time. Unfortunately, most of the concert did not give me what I was dreaming of.


Boy George came on first. Even in his mid-50s, he’s still rocking to old tunes, wearing loud outfits, and flirting with male fans.  However, he also used that opportunity to perform a hard rock song, which had the (neon and feather boa-wearing) crowd a little thrown but still, it wasn’t bad.  His reggae undertones were still there for most of his set and overall, his stage presence and larger-than-life personality were still the same.

Then Cyndi Lauper came out.  As tiny as she is, she has an amazing singing voice.  The problem is that she used her talent to sing mostly country tunes and slow ballads that no one had ever heard of, nor had anyone really wanted to hear.  And, in between these songs, she did a lot of talking – so much talking that someone in the front row told her to shut up and in true form, she hurled a few expletives back at him.  It made complete sense why Boy George remarked that his time on the road with her had been an “experience”.


So, we all patiently waited… over an hour… for the one song we all wanted to hear – the one that embodied my entire childhood. And as it turns out, it was worth the wait.  For starters, the entire crowd was witnessing history, as this was the last stop on the tour, and the last time that these two would ever perform together on stage again.  Boy George was leaving for Australia to perform with the Pet Shop Boys and Cyndi was going to crawl back into the studio to make more country music.  Their rendition of “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” ended up being a beautiful blend of both of their styles, while finally getting the crowd on their feet for a good-old fashioned party.

All of the clips can be found here.  However, I’ve included a clip below.