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Meditation: How To Take Back Your Power


In going through the last meditation challenge with Deepak and Oprah, I had a hard time getting through some of the practices, because some of them felt recycled, while others were nice reminders. Most really didn’t take me into my practice the way I had hoped.

Then, about halfway through it, they focused on a subject that will always be important: Taking back your power.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a male or a female, young or old, it applies to everyone.

When I speak of taking back power, I don’t mean developing a false ego to “lord” over others.  I mean being able to make decisions for yourself that not only make you feel fulfilled, but also confident that you’re living your best life.

Think about a job you had or a relationship/friendship you were in, that perhaps, made you feel less than you actually were.  You may have stayed at that job or with that person because you either believed it/they could change, or you accepted that you were less than you really were.  Now, think about the day you liberated yourself from that burden.  How did it feel?  What did you do?  Are you onto greener pastures now?

How to Meditate on It

Now, take that feeling of confidence – that feeling of freedom, close your eyes, hold onto that feeling, and breathe. Focus on that feeling for 5, 10, or 15 minutes.  Visualize what it would be like to move on from any current situation that is wearing you down, and insert that feeling into the visualization.  Repeat this daily, preferably in the morning, and try to live by that feeling during the day.  THAT is meditating to not just take back your power in a current situation, but keep it.

I Need More Than Just Meditation For This!

mindbodygreen has a great article on “11 Ways to Take the Power Back in Your Life”.  While written three years ago, I still find it to be a fantastic guide, especially if you feel you’re needing way more guidance than meditation.  It’s a guide, that no matter your situation, will always apply.

I’m big on people sharing and learning from each other, so I’m interested in hearing stories about how you’ve taken back the power in your own situations!  Feel free to leave them in the comments section of my blog.  I promise I read them and respond!



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MEDITATION EXPERIENCE (DAY 18): Taking Back Your Power


Whether we know it or not, we find ourselves gradually giving up power over certain aspects of our lives.  Perhaps we surrender our power to someone who is controlling.  Or, perhaps we decide to follow a “herd” mentality and surrender our own opinions for that of a crowd’s because it’s easier to blend in.  Whatever the reason might be, it’s important to remember that no matter who you are, no matter what situation you’re in, you have the ability to take back your power and be your true self.

When someone has lost their power, they feel weighted down and gradually get to a point where they feel they believe they have to live that way.  They feel trapped, powerless, and eventually, accept that this is the way they were supposed to live their lives.  From an outsider’s perspective, sure, it’s easy to say, “Why can’t you just leave that situation?  Just walk away!”  To the person inside of the situation, there are invisible forces inside of them that aren’t easy to move away from.  It’s not like a piece of clothing you can just take off.


It’s interesting, in order to define a human being, society has managed to put labels on things that believe it or not, take away a small bit of power from each of us.  While being labeled things like “winner”, “lovable”, “smart”, “beautiful”, etc. are positive nods towards maintaining a certain level of power because of the feel-good properties of those words, “loser”, “unlovable”, “stupid”, and “ugly” are not.  What’s more interesting is that we are so used to labeling other people, that in turn, we label ourselves as well.  In my opinion, what we label ourselves is a direct reflection of HOW we label others.  For example, if you were to label someone as stupid because perhaps they didn’t know the answer to a question that seemed obvious to you; and then it happened to you, you would automatically label yourself in the same way.  In other words, we are projecting a label onto another based on a personal reaction we are having.  When this happens, others might follow suit because they, themselves, find they are having the same reaction and need a label to define it.

A way to combat this is to seriously NOT form an opinion.  While that might seem laughable and impossible, it actually is not.  Why?  Because YOU hold the power in making that happen.  I cannot tell you how many countless times I’ve walked away from a situation, maintained silence during someone else’s rant on another, or have even out loud said, “I don’t have an opinion, it’s none of my business”.  Those three actions, right there, are taking back your power.  You aren’t giving into someone else’s opinions, you aren’t giving someone else the chance to take your power away and couple it with their own; instead, you are letting them know that you’re better than this.

Another way to combat this is to help others take back their power.  HELP show someone powerless that they are lovable, that they are beautiful, that they are smart, and that they are a winner in life.  In turn, you are creating power within yourself to create good in this world and that’s more powerful than anything else there is.