Being Grateful for Strong Women

Sometimes, women need to stop and take a break from the world around them, to celebrate each other for no other reason than being grateful for the friendship they have with the other.  This past weekend, I was incredibly fortunate to celebrate this with new and old friends – women who are dynamic, beautiful, successful, and strong.

We oftentimes forget that women should build each other up, not tear each other down. We should remember each of us brings something incredible to the table, and we need to own it.  Boys will come and go but a bond with a “sister” can last forever.  It’s through this that we need to remember to treat each other with kindness and respect, which will, in turn, come back ten-fold in love, support, and plenty of wine!

Here’s to a fabulous summer filled with more girl time!



First Month of Summer Fun

I get asked a lot about what I’ve been up to, aside from work, especially now that I’m on my own. I’ve been really bad about recapping anything.

Being single in the summer can only be described in two words: Super Fun.  Seriously.  I’ve been back for four years and this would be the first summer I have spent enjoying every minute I can of the weather, the friends and the fact that there is no shortage of things to do.  Below are some snapshots of some of the fun.

Happy birthday Susan Ostrowski!
Sunset while heading to the Dave Matthews concert
The Dave Matthews concert
Hanging out with friends at the Porter Robinson show
At Lincoln Restaurant for dinner with friends!
At POV for a fun night of dancing!
Happy birthday Dan Keating! (With Leslie at SAX)
Dan’s pool party
Lots and lots of pool time!
K Street Kate’s 6th Anniversary Party, complete with whipped cream fight.

What was not snapped but should be mentioned:

  • A three-hour dinner at Sushi Rock
  • A welcome back HH for old friends
  • Seven hours of drinks and dinner around D.C…. on a Tuesday
  • A four-hour brunch at Peacock Cafe
  • Courtney Rosellini’s birthday
  • Going to a post K Street Kate 6th Anniversary party dinner, sticky, at Peacock Cafe
  • Two hours at EVO for wine