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The Review My First FabfitFun Box


A few years ago, I got super sucked into influencers’ recommendations, thinking, “well if it works for them…”  I’ve bought workout guides and DVDs, books to read, vitamins, apps, etc., almost none of which I stuck with or saw results from.  I quickly took the stance that it was okay to pour over fashion influencers’ outfits and search high and low for the real deal, take makeup tips and make them my own, and emulate workouts they’d post – all still requiring trial and error but costing far less money than ordering products that may not work for me.  That was, until, I received my first Fabfitfun box.

I (religiously) follow two amazing women on Instagram that don’t affiliate themselves with brands they don’t believe in, which means their recommendations are a bit more pricey but certainly, remain high quality.  One of which, that came up with both of them on separate occasions (as well as with many more women I know), is the Fabfitfun box.  You may have seen the ads for this on social media – it’s the box that arrives once a quarter with full-sized products and other goodies, based on your personal preferences on health, wellness, fashion, and personality.

My first box arrived last week, and I’m beyond impressed.  (Note that I did pay the annual subscription for this, and have, in no way, been paid for this review.) 

What came in my spring edition box?

First of all, the box is art in and of itself.  When I opened the plain cardboard box to get to this beautiful container full of presents for myself, I was beyond giddy.  Second, when I opened the box my jaw fell open.  They weren’t kidding about full-sized products that, combined, were far more than what I paid.  Those that cultivate these boxes do an amazing job vetting everything that goes into them to only include what’s on trend and of quality.

Below is a list of everything that was included:

  • Lip statement palette by ISH in #imsmokinghot
  • All natural collagen-infused lip mask by KNC Beauty
  • Leather eye mask by Free People and Understated
  • Skin perfecting lotion (oil free) but Murad
  • Concealing nail ridge filler by Dermelect
  • Superbloom candle No. 14 by Anderson Lilly
  • 18k gold plated black tassel earrings by Ettika
  • Exfoliating body polish by Dove
  • Massage roller by Physique 57
  • Floral fold over bag by Rachel Pally

My Reviews

Certainly, you can’t base a review off of just looking at the products, which means I wanted to give all products a chance, for about a week, before reviewing them:

  • ISH lip palette – I’m super picky about the colors that go on my lips, as well as the staying power.  Unfortunately, this palette wasn’t for me.  I tried varying combinations of colors and just wasn’t impressed.  I’ve seen other users have a great experience though!
  • KNC Beauty lip mask – I’ve tried other lip masks and haven’t been impressed.  This one certainly makes my lips feel better.  My belief is you have to use it consistently over a two week period, which means you need to purchase a second pack.
  • Leather eye mask – The only time I ever wear eye masks is on long haul flights and at hotels (I have no idea why on the latter – it became a thing).  This one comes with a cooling pack that you can place in the freezer, and OMG!  The couple of times I’ve looked overly tired and puffy, this has done the trick!
  • Murad face lotion – My skin is SO FINICKY!  If it’s extra dry outside one day, or it’s a different day in my cycle, my skin requires very different treatments.  It’s taken me years to discover this and even longer to find the right products.  Naturally, I am a skeptic when it comes to trying new lotions.  BUT this one seems to have knocked all others out of the park!  It’s light-weight, oil free, and perfect under any makeup.  I am a huge fan!
  • Nail ridge filler – I use SNS with tips for my nails, so unfortunately, I’ve passed this off to a friend for a review.  I’ll edit this post with her review when she gets back to me.
  • Anderson Lilly candle – My office always has a candle burning for it’s calming effects.  The copper candleholder is BEAUTIFUL and the scent is heavenly, but a bit over-powering.  It’s certainly meant for a bigger room.  The other thing I am a bit unsure of are its ingredients.  Good candles blow very little black smoke into the air.  This one was unfortunately low on the quality scale.  Nonetheless, it’s beautiful.
  • Ettika black tassel earrings – ARE ON POINT for spring, and I’ve worn them over and over again!  ‘Nuff said
  • Dove body polish – I’ve used this product before and I’m a huge fan – especially in dryer weather.  Note (from previous experience), it’s not great for people who spray tan.  You’ll need something stronger for that.
  • Physique 57 Massage roller – Okay… when I first saw it, I giggled (because I’m immature), then I thought it looked a lot like one of those ab rollers, then I tried it.  It’s great for two things – one, back massage with a shirt on (it’s uncomfortable without), and lightly massaging out cellulite and aching muscles.  I’ll definitely keep using it.
  • Rachel Pally bag – It is such a fun, functional bag.  The colors are beautiful!  They make great gifts for others!

I certainly can’t wait for my summer one!