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The Best of SoCal’s Coast Line with Beautiful Friends

The month of October has been one of the most difficult months to-date for me.  It’s brought more low’s than high’s and certainly has tested my strength, patience and knowledge of who I am.  When challenging things happen, you need to be surrounded by love and positivity – and I received just that.

This past weekend, two of my very best girlfriends came into town, selflessly giving their time, love, generosity and warmth when I needed it the most.  It was an unforgettable weekend filled with laughter, tears, beaches, relaxation and great stories.

Our weekend took us to Encinatas for a Halloween party, South Carlsbad beach for reflection, Del Mar for lunch, the Catamaran Resort and Spa at Pacific Beach for spa and relaxation and The Hotel Del in Coronado for brunch.  It was a very happy and fulfilling weekend!

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San Diego Bound: I Made It!

About a week and a half ago, I woke up in Las Cruces, NM VERY excited to be in the home stretch of our road trip.  Although it was another 10-hour day on the road, it was probably the most beautiful.  I traveled through desert, where I saw the impact of the drought (ever see a decaying cactus or ones destroyed by animals, looking for water?), abandoned homes, majestic mountains and plains, sand dunes that seem to pop out of no where, crumbled hills that look like they can fall apart with one strong wind and of course, miles of ocean.  I am so happy to be in my new home, although it still hasn’t quite hit me yet 🙂

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