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My FabFitFun Summer Box Has Arrived!


For those of you who saw my post about the spring box, know how much I have fallen in love with FabfitFun!  I’m continually amazed with just how much you get for what you pay, which is one of the biggest reasons I continue this subscription.  AND, given that I’ve been so impressed with product quality, I went onto their site for their sale, and picked up a few extra items!  Below is what was included:


  • Summer & Rose Claire Roundie (in pastel-moraccan) – These became all the rage in the last year, for both it’s beauty, as well as its multi-purpose use.  I can’t wait to try this out on my next beach vacation!
  • Zoe Ayla Jade Crystal Roller – I’ve already used this, and am hooked!  It’s made out of 100% pure jade, and can be hand-warmed or put in the refrigerator, depending on what your need is.  It definitely helps relax muscles while increasing circulation!
  • LaTweez Mermaid Tweezers – Funny back story… I had a similar product, from six years ago that was almost confiscated in Qatar, because the light broke and they thought it was a spy camera, but I digress.  The technology of these tweezers have improved significantly since then, with a much brighter LED light, longer battery life (so you can prove they are just lighted tweezers), and an awesome carrying case with a magnified mirror!  They are coming everywhere with me.
  • FabFitFun Electric Travel Toothbrush (in confetti) – While I can’t seem to find this on the site anymore, I’m a big fan of travel-sized electric toothbrushes.  This one came with a slim carrying case and two toothbrush heads!

What’s in the Box


  • Foreo – This skin care company is one of the most avant-garde, tech-savvy company I’ve ever seen for the beauty industry.  After your download their simple-to-use app, you sync it to your phone, let the device scan your face, and it will tell you not only the age of your skin, but where improvements can be made.  It also times you on how long you must cleanse each area of your skin, using that same device as a scrubber!  I was truly impressed with it, and am excited to use it again.
  • Vasant Brightenup! Exfoliating Cleanser – I used this product with Foreo, and received great results!  The exfoliant is gentle to your skin and smells so good!
  • Elemis Papaya Enzyme Peel – After I exfoliated, I went on to use this product, and was also impressed with the results.  My skin was left feeling soft with a bit of a glow!
  • Tarte Sex Kitten Eyeliner in black – First, the cat cap is adorable, but second, the eyeliner is amazing.  I’m a big fan of liquid eyeliners that have a fine, non-destructible tip that leaves a clean line!
  • Tarteist Pro-to-Go Palette – I LOVE eye palettes, and I love sultry colors even more!  I’ve been a big fan of Tarte’s eyeshadows for a long time, and I can’t wait to try these new colors!
  • Yumi Kim makeup case in Peri Floral – Think about how many makeup cases you’ve bought over the course of your life, thinking you finally found the one that is going to organize and hold it all, only to be frustrated when you have to pull everything out, looking for what you need.  Yumi Kim’s case SOLVES EVERYTHING.  Seriously – a brush compartment to organize your brushes, a hidden zippered case for samples, tweezers, hair ties, etc., AND a LARGE compartment for your makeup, including larger eye palettes!  If that wasn’t enough, they are so stylish to look at, too!
  • Coola Sport Organic SPF 50 Sunscreen – Up until a few years ago, I wasn’t really picky about things like sunscreen, opting for whatever I could get my hands on.  These days, I find it so important to find something that’s healthy for your skin!  I was impressed to get this in the box – it’s vegan and gluten-free, too!
  • Erth X FabfitFun “Tu Y Yo” ring – This ring is an understated stunner.  Featuring two freshwater pearls, attached to a 14K gold plated ring, it’s perfect with any outfit!
  • Pier One Marble Ring Dish – Marble is all the rage these days, and this dish is on-point on style (picture below with the Erth ring).



If you’re interested in a subscription of your own, click here!