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Handmade Chic Dog Collars? Yes Please!


As I was walking down an open air market at The Rocks in Sydney with my mom, we came across a tent with dog collars of different patterns and styles – some were plaid, some were polka dot, and others were striped, all in charming fabrics and styles, for both male and female dogs.  I had selected a handmade collar that looked much like the top of a shirt collar, for Christmas, for my dog Leo.

Upon getting ready to purchase the collar, one of the team members came up to me and told me it was still unbelievable to him that people from all over the world would stop by the tent and pick one up for their pet.  He was so gracious and so passionate about not just the collars, but the business as a whole.  I had no idea that this tent was actually just a small part of the sales strategy for – a growing international pet company that strives to make beautiful collars, leashes, harnesses, and other accessories for pets!

I left there so excited to put this on Leo, that it was hard to wait until Christmas.  Somehow, I survived.  If you’re looking for unique, custom pieces for your pets, check out their site – they ship internationally!  Leo certainly isn’t disappointed.




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The Best Birthday Present I’ve Ever Received

On August 1st, I surprised with the best birthday present of all time.  His name is Leonardo (Leo) and although I’m partial, he is about darn-near the cutest pup (and maltipoo) on the planet! I’m kind of proud of the little guy.  In his first month-and-a-half of living with me, he’s wee pad trained, can sit, shake and give paw. And he brings immense joy to everyone who sees him (including the barristas at the Starbucks drive-thru window, who have to hold him when we come by.) He’s gone from a 1.5 pound wee little thing to 5.5 pounds of “all boy”!