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Australia: Exploring Downtown Melbourne

View from the top of the AMP building.

Per my previous posts on Australia, I was fortunate to travel here for work.  And, given that I’ve bookended my trip with weekends, I was able to see some things along the way!

Since my first weekend was in Melbourne, I decided to see as much as I could, including a trip to the Great Ocean Road, as well as walking around downtown, exploring what the city had to offer.

Check out what I got to see, do, as well as what my accommodations where, should you need any tips for touring Melbourne in a day!


View from my room

In the winters of Australia, hotels are very inexpensive.  Thus, I was able to snag a great rate for the Grand Hyatt Melbourne. A large, towering hotel in the middle of downtown, the Grand Hyatt was every bit of luxury and comfort, as I had expected.  Each large room boasts an amazing view of the city, along with a beautiful marbled bathroom and many fantastic amenities.

But what really appealed about this hotel was the sizable gym, pool, and spa that is attached.  The gym rivals most regular commercial gyms one would join, with everything from Crossfit Equipment, to rows of treadmills, ellipticals, bikes, and rowers.  There are two areas of free weights, almost every weight machine one would need, along with all of the other equipment for your usual workouts.  I took advantage of both the gym (every day, whether I liked it or not), along with the spa for a 90-minute deep tissue massage.

And, to add to the level of healthiness, I took advantage of the extensive room service menu that catered to every nationality, and every dietary preference.  From the gluten-free pastas and breads, to the power kale salad, and chia seed pudding, I was never disappointed with my meals.

I HIGHLY recommend you stay here, not just for the above, but the proximity to everything downtown.

What to Explore

Federation Square

View of Yarra River from Federation Square

Federation Square reminds me of a tiny Times Square with lots of tourist shops, cheap places to eat, and Visitors’ Centers. What’s fascinating about it is that it blends well with all of the museums, theaters, high rises, and historical architecture as well.  Nestled along the Yarra River, it’s a great walk with beautiful views of the city.

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National Gallery of Victoria

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I love visiting art galleries all over the world.  What inspires people is so vastly different, which means the interpretation of art can be so vastly different.  At the NGV, there was a little something that appealed to everyone.

My favorite areas were the history of mass produced luxuries, such as furniture and home decor from very notable U.S. Furniture and Decor artists, couture clothing designs from notable historical designers in France, and of course, artwork from notable painters, from all over the world.

But, out of everything I saw, the Baccarat Candelabras from 1903, leading up to the illuminated photography gallery, were the most stunning lighting fixtures I’ve seen.

Note: Coming to the NGV in August: Dior.  I’m so sad I’m missing this exhibit!

The Park on St. Kilda Road

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I can only liken this park to a mini Hyde Park in New York.  There are beautiful trees, walking paths, wildlife, memorials, and a great view of the city!  It’s a nice break from the crowds that tend to develop in Federation Square!

Where to Dine

While most of my meals were spent in the hotel, I was able to venture out twice! Check out two great recommendations below:

Coda – All the best restaurants, bars, and clubs are down alleyways and side streets, including Coda.  Coda’s atmosphere had an indoor/outdoor industrial feel to it, while serving up some amazing Vietnamese fusion dishes.  I highly recommend it if you’re looking for a place that isn’t too crowded on a Sunday night.

View of the city from Nobu

Nobu – I’ve been to other Nobu’s in the U.S. and while there is a high level of sophistication, both with clientele and the overall atmosphere, the food has always been decent, not amazing.  This Nobu, nestled in the Crown casino, had a much more relaxed, intimate feel, but the sushi and sashimi were incredibly fresh – I’m still raving about it, and I’m not even a big seafood eater!  If you need a “one night splurge”, I highly recommend.


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