How to Create Chic Artwork for Less!

Moving into a new house is an amazing experience – having your own place that you can modify and decorate, to truly make it your own – is so much fun… and so much money.  We’ve been here a month and although we’ve completed everything we want to do this year, we already have a list of renovations for the next two!

In the meantime, we found inexpensive options to make our house our home.  One room in particular that we’ll be redoing next year is the dining room.  We are looking at doing a stone wall but the costs are too great to complete it this year.  In the meantime, I knew I needed something there, as I can’t bear to look at a bare wall!  Thus, I scoured so many sites, looking for inexpensive artwork that would fill the blank space.  I couldn’t find a single thing I liked that wasn’t pricey.  Thus, I made my own!


Below are the supplies I used and the steps I took to make these.

Supplies (All Can Be Found at Michael’s)

  • 20 X 20 white canvas
  • Krylon spray paint in flat white + primer
  • Krylon spray pain in gray
  • Krylon Acrylic Crystal clear
  • Mona Lisa Metal Leaf Starter Kit (in gold)
  • Design Master Color Tool Metallic Spray (in gold)
  • Sharpie water-based gold paint pen
  • Multi-Surface Premium Chalky Acrylic Paint by Craft Smart (in gold)


  1. Spray the canvas with the flat white spray and let dry 5-7 minutes


2. Spray a larger diagonal line with the gray spray paint and let dry for 5-7 minutes.  You want those stripes to be slightly bigger the the gold stripes that will go on top, in order for the “shadow effect” to show.


3. Spray the gold stripe on top of the gray stripe, leaving gray showing on both sides of the gold stripe.  Let it dry for 10-12 minutes.


4. Using the Multi-Surface Premium Chalky Acrylic Paint by Craft Smart (in gold) and a small paint brush, brush a stripe down the middle of each gold stripe.  It should not be any bigger than two inches wide, across the entire stripe.  When you’re done, use a paper towel to wipe off the excess so a faint streak appears across it.  Let dry for another 15 – 20 minutes.


5. Prep the stripes for the gold leaf to be applied by swiping the adhesive across where you want it to be on the gold stripes (get creative and certainly generous with it – this is what makes your painting pop)!

6. When the adhesive is tacky, tear the gold leaf and apply in a clunky fashion across the adhesive.


7. Apply the sealer across the gold leaf, which will certainly flatten it out.  I took the end of a paint brush and pushed around the gold leaf to bring it back “to life”.  Let it dry over night.

8. I finished off the piece by adding in some gold dots and paint-like splatters on the white areas, with the Sharpie.


9. I sealed the entire piece with the Acrylic crystal clear spray – let it dry for 5-10 minutes and then hung it!

NOTE: If you feel it looks too flat (my other half had to convince me it didn’t), you can buy gold foil and apply it here and there to make it pop more.

Give me your thoughts!

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