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Meditation Day 8: Activating the Hope Inside You


When you hear “trust that the universe has a plan”, or “trust that the universe will reveal the answer in time”, what is your initial reaction?  Is it to scoff at it, thinking you need more immediate answers?  Or, do you trust that there is a plan and it WILL reveal itself when it’s time?

If you’re like me (impatient and stubborn), the first will ring true and certainly, I know many others that are like me as well.

We are in a fast-paced society where almost everything is “on demand”.  There’s no need for patience because there is always a sense of urgency.  The more access we have to things, the less we stop to appreciate what has already been given to us, as we’re already onto searching for the “next thing”.

I love telling this story of when I had a really difficult time choosing between staying in San Diego and moving back to D.C. (I know, rough life).  I had just moved on from a relationship (that came with me from D.C.), and I wasn’t sure if staying in San Diego, moving to L.A., or moving home, made the most sense.  I was literally two weeks out from needing to be out of my apartment and a friend of mine said, “You’ve done everything you can do to make the decision.  Now let the universe handle it.”  It was hard to hear because there were so many logistics to schedule.  But, he was right.  A few days later, and the answer was clear: I needed to move home. At the time, I had no idea why but now I do.  I am back with all of my friends and family, I have a wonderful boyfriend, and a beautiful home that I purchased.  While some might say I could have any of those anywhere, I know I’m right where I’m meant to be.

I believe that the universe is full of grand, wonderful surprises that will delight us if we let it.  In other words, going with the flow allows us to be full of a positive hope with many happy outcomes.  It’s something I’m glad I learned to appreciate.


So how to put this into practice…

There’s no real easy way to just start trusting one day, I know.  So I invite you to do something you should not do often.  Take a look at a situation from your past.  Think about what you learned from it, and where you are today.  Think about what you know you would never do again and this time, what has gone right. THAT, right there, is the universe giving you what you need for what is meant for you right now.  Take away the positives and use them for the greater good of yourself in the future.  The more you can get in the habit of appreciating even the tough stuff, the more open you will be with going with the flow, and appreciating the plan set out for you.


Give me your thoughts!

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