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Meditation Day 2: Hope Is Always Available


I had a dream last night that was very personal but very beautiful. What I’m willing to share of it is the feeling of love, security, and knowing I’m right where I’m supposed to be, carried over into my day.  When I meditated, the vision I had was of me on an empty beach – the sun rising on a clear, warm day.  In the past, it’s always been gray, cloudy skies with a nip in the air.  Coincidentally, this entire thing related very well today’s meditative theme: “Hope is Always Available”.

It is so super easy to be negative all the time.  In fact, it’s infectious behavior that I see all too often around D.C.  It can make even the most beautiful days seem dull.  It’s because people are moving faster than they can process, preferring to not get to know themselves but instead, trying to emulate others.  They seek, endlessly, for someone who can fill a nagging void and define who they are.  They oftentimes get into employment that will win them connections and bragging rights yet, they are unhappy.

To me, “Hope” is a false word when you take it at face value.  It became overused in political campaigns to define false pretenses of how people should feel.  It’s when you begin to dig deeper that that word can have a lot of true meaning.

Hope is what you practice when you’re in a tough situation.  It’s remaining positive, knowing you will get out of it stronger, as something better was meant to be.  It’s remaining open to new possibilities, even when everyone else around you sees risks.  It’s also consciously remaining aware of how you choose to live: positive, happy, and determined; instead of in despair.

A few years ago, when my world wasn’t so bright, I turned to meditation to help me through it.  The experiences I’ve had were absolutely amazing. It’s tough to put “hope” (a positive way of living) into practice but it’s 100% worth it.  Here are some of the ways meditation/learning to live a more positive life have helped me:

  1. Weight loss – it’s hard to lose weight when you’re stressed.  Because of meditation, I wanted to experience the world around me and thus, spent a lot of time walking and hiking around SoCal, D.C., and Europe, appreciating the beauty available to me
  2. Living in the moment – Life can be taken at any moment.  You have the choice to live your life as though you’re going through the motions; or live your life to the fullest you can everyday.  I take nothing for granted now – practicing remaining present was tough at first but is definitely easier to do over time.
  3. Making conscious, thoughtful decisions – I spend a lot more time examining how I’m feeling about a decision, prior to making it.  This means I’m looking at long-term impact more, and how I feel right then and there, less.  I’m not a patient person so certainly, this was a tough test!
  4. It’s okay to take risks on the things you really want to do in your life – it will pay off! I took the risk of moving back to D.C. from Southern California, as I was truly happy being on the west coast but something told me to go (I was terrified I’d be unhappy).  I met a great guy that I took my time to get to know; I traveled to two countries I never thought I’d visit; I bought a house (which always feels risky); and I’m looking to have my novel completed by the end of the year to start seeking out publishers (I fear rejection a little bit).
  5. Life possibilities are endless – I get up every morning, excited for the day to come.  Seriously.  I used to hate surprises but now I love them and embrace them, regardless of what they are.  I accept that my strength in any situation might be tested and thus, it makes me more determined to tackle it.  Of course, the nice surprises are always welcome too 🙂

I’m going to leave you with this quote from Deepak Chopra, “Instead of seeking love, you give it.  Instead of searching for the one, you are the one.  Love yourself first…”



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