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Beauty Counter’s Face Mask Stole My Heart!

Note: I only left this mask on for 10 minutes!

A few weeks ago, my friend Ashley Tejada, who is a Senior Director for Beauty Counter, sent me a sample of both the Balancing Facial Mask, and the Balancing Face Oil, knowing I was looking for some good products to try, as I’m trying to up my beauty routine game.  (Note: I was not paid for this review at all – this is all me!)

After using both products, I am definitely impressed! The charcoal mask left my skin feeling fresh but I could also feel it breathe!  The oil (which I only needed two drops of it, not four as recommended), left my skin soft and hydrated.  By far, two of the best products I’ve used of its kind – I’m hooked!

Yep me – hair wet, no makeup

Beauty Counter is all about putting safer products in the hands of everyone – using non-harmful ingredients that leave your body healthy and fresh, instead of absorbing so many toxins everyday, dragging it down.

I’m definitely a fan of what I used and already made the order for the Balancing Facial Set with the mask, mister, and oil – $138 ($152 with tax and S&H).  Seems pricey?  The products can last up to six months!

For more information, or to make your own order, contact Ashley here.  Or learn more through her website.


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