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Bringing Back the Meditations for Three Weeks Only! Day1


I was so happy to see that Deepak and Oprah brought back their 21-day Meditation Series, which led me to making the decision to write about it again, each day!

This particular series is on “Hope in Uncertain Times”.  Given current events, many of us could use this meditation series to help us see the positive, in what feels like rather negative times.

I’ve been a long-time practitioner of meditation – something that has helped my mindset switch from constantly feeling on edge, as though the world is “out to get me”, to literally getting out of bed each morning, excited to see what the day is going to hold. Thus, it puts a different “lens” on me, in how I view the world.

Having learned how to switch how I think, it’s amazing to me how far too often, I see people (especially those darn millennials), walk around in a fog, demanding things as though they are “owed” everything in this world, without having to work for them.  That false sense of hope leads to temper tantrums when their expectations aren’t met, claiming “it isn’t fair”, and then shifting the blame to someone else.

Alternatively, I’ve also seen too many people (of all ages), get negatively emotionally connected to a situation because they’ve bought into the “herd mentality” – something that’s easier to do given our media, instead of thinking for themselves (as that requires a lot of research, patience, and empathy).

Whatever the struggle might be, we all have an opportunity to turn around how we feel – we have the power to control our own situations, our destinies, and our minds.  We have the power to learn from negativity and figure out how to improve, and remain positive.  It is through meditation that this can help.

Today’s meditation set the stage for what is to come, for the next three weeks.  The first one is always very powerful, as it asks you to begin to think about what in your life you’d like to turn around.  Is it a job you want a promotion for?  Is it a relationship that might be slipping away that you’d like to keep?  Or, is it something more worldly?  Set the intention for this meditation series, follow each daily meditation, and see just how positive your mindset is by the end of it.  Guaranteed, you will be on the right track towards something greater!

Over the course of the next three weeks, I’ll give you some tips and tricks on how to get through each day’s meditation.  I usually include a summary of the meditation, a personal story related to it, and how to put into practice what you’ve learned.

I’m excited to begin this three-week journey with you!




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