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Traveling to Iceland In the Winter – The Golden Circle

Pingvellir National Park

There was no way we could leave Iceland without doing the Golden Circle Tour.  Granted, most people go in the summer when they can enjoy a lot more of it but there is something so magical about being in the Arctic Circle in the winter and seeing these sites in some of their fiercest conditions.  We opted for the 8-hour classic tour at $90pp.

Icelandic Horses


Our first stop was to see the Icelandic horses at Fákasel.  It’s a small farm about an hour away.  The horses are very beautiful and very sweet, except when faced with a mischievous dog (see below).


Our second stop on the tour was to the infamous Gullfoss, which is often likened to Niagra Falls.  It’s name comes from “Golden Waterfall” as when the sun hits it just right, it shines like gold.  Unfortunately, our weather conditions were so wintery, it looked more like torrents of dangerous icy water, which made it all that more amazing to see.  Being that we were at a high altitude, it was incredibly windy, wet, and freezing (see my first post on layering).  We are definitely doing this tour again in the summer, to compare the scenery 🙂


The third stop took us to their infamous Geysir.  Rivaling “Old Faithful” in Yellowstone, the Geysir Hot Springs is a whole park filled with boiling hot pots (at 176-212 degrees Fahrenheit).  It’s truly amazing!

Pingvellir – Thingvellir

Pingvellir National Park

Our final stop to the UNESCO Heritage Site Pingvellir National Park had me “geeking out” a bit as it is not only home to the first Icelandic settlement village in the 10th century, but also the North American and Eurasian tectonic plates that you can see AND touch, as well as a glacier, and the sighting of the coldest lake in the world.

Check out the slideshow below:

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The next time we do this, we are going to rent a car to be able to truly take our time and explore, as there is so much more along the way, to see and do.

Should you need any tips on traveling to Iceland, click here.

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