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Traveling to Iceland In the Winter: The Blue Lagoon


I am so excited to share this post.  While I absolutely loved everything we did in Iceland, The Blue Lagoon was, by far, our favorite.  Think of it as a gigantic geothermal spa, the size of a small lake, without the fear or worry of getting bitten by anything 🙂

We chose to book this on the way to the airport.  Since Keflavik is 20 minutes from the Blue Lagoon and 45 minutes from Reykjavik, this made the most sense.

Since it was my other half’s birthday present, no expense was spared.  At $205pp, we reserved the “Luxury Package”, which included the following:

  • Private luxury changing/showering accommodations, including robe, slippers, towels, and mini facial packs
  • Use of the private lounge facilities with fireplace, beverage service, lounge chairs, and indoor lagoon access to let you swim outside (and not freeze)
  • A reservation at LAVA
  • A complimentary drink in the lagoon
  • A complimentary glass of champagne with lunch
  • A private hostess to help you with all of it
  • Transportation from the hotel and to the airport
  • Free (and secure) luggage storage

The Process

Once we arrived at the Blue Lagoon, we checked our luggage in and then walked the long, lava-lined walkway up to the main facility.  We chose the 9am start time, which meant it was still incredibly dark out.

The lines are kind of chaotic, despite the signage.  Premium and Luxury members are lumped together, which means you are waiting a bit to get in (although it does move fairly quickly).

Our hostess, gave us our magnetic bracelets that are used to unlock our room, the facilities, as well as give us access in and out of the private lagoon entrance. She showed us to our room, which was incredibly comfortable and quite posh.

Heading Into Paradise on a Volcano

Once we were robed and slippered, we headed down to the private lounge to get ready for our dip in the lagoon.  I’m not going to lie, it was a godsend to be able to wade out, via a private door.


Once outside, it was a maze of bridges to float under, private lagoon areas, swim-up bars, face mask bars, and other places of exploration.  But the best part of this was the sunrise.  It was so incredible to take it all in, in such a beautiful and serene location.

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While we were sad we had to rush this experience (we got about two out of the three hours in the lagoon), we were glad we had a final moment before we flew home, at LAVA.  For about $55pp, we each got to dine on a main dish and a dessert (along with our complimentary glass of champagne), while overlooking the lagoon.  If you’re vegan, I highly recommend the Roasted Celery Root dish and for meat eaters, the Beef Tenderloin.  For dessert, we had the “Ástarpungar” & caramel, as well as vanilla and orange Crème brûlée.


Tips for the Blue Lagoon

  • I hear it books quickly.  We booked it in May of 2016 with no problem.
  • If you’re going in the winter, definitely get the morning time (we did 9am).  Or, if you want to see the sunset, book it for 3pm.
  • If you choose to get your hair wet, slather it in the provided conditioner first.  I put mine up in a bun because destroying my hair did not seem like a good idea.
  • Do not take the silica from the bottom of the lagoon (think of how much dead skin is down there)!  The silica mask at the bar is complimentary, the algae mask is not.  However, both are worth it.
  • Do take a waterproof camera with you or, purchase a waterproof phone holder/necklace, to ensure it’s safe.
  • Do NOT wear any jewelry, as if it falls off, it’s gone.
  • If you do not book a luxury package, you will be sharing a communal space to change and shower.  Many people who visit Iceland are European and have no qualms about nudity.

Note that they are building a hotel there that should be open by 2018.  Guess who will be going back and staying a weekend there?

If you need tips on traveling to Iceland, click here.


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