DJ MLEM Opens for ZEDD at Echostage!



My friends are rockstars.  Each one of them has incredible life goals and each of them are hell bent on achieving them.

Right before the New Year’s festivities kicked off, and after an insane year of working his way up the DJ chain, opening for acts such as Tommy Trash, Cazzette, Hotel Garuda, Mat Zo, as well as playing a number of local festivals; DJ MLEM was given an opportunity to open for Zedd at his dream place: Echostage.


Naturally, we all went out to support him, as he played for a few thousand people in a venue that brings in some of the biggest acts in the world.

Some of MLEM’s many fans, include his gorgeous girlfriend (in blue).

DJ MLEM’s sound has warmed up tens of thousands of party-goers, offering his own blend of sophisticated deep house with highly danceable beats.  His consistent sound of his own mixes has gotten the attention of not just some of the biggest names in D.C. area club and festival ownership, but also more and more loyal EDM fans as well.

Take a listen to a tiny part of his set, here:

But what amazes me more is how responsive the main acts have been to his sets, attempting to match his style in a thoughtful and smooth transition, so that they can continue on with their own performances.   While all have succeeded at it, they fail shortly after taking over.

Most of these big names “borrow” or “parrot” others’ music, in order to create a danceable set for a few hours.  Rarely do they play their own tracks (I’ve heard the Titanic song be remixed by Diplo, Hotel Garuda stopped what they were doing and played R. Kelly’s “Ignition”, and I’ve even heard Zedd play an entire song from another EDM artist) and if they do, they only cover a small part of it .  When listening to an opening set of a DJ who has a passion for this talent, it’s clear that the bigger names have (mostly) lost what the art form is truly about – bringing new sounds into the world.  DJ MLEM has consistently outshone the main acts I’ve seen come after him, which has caused me to leave shortly after they start playing, on more than one occasion.  True EDM fans can understand why this is the case – we want to be immersed into songs the performer has created – I don’t go to a Drake concert to see him perform one of Jay Z’s songs. Instead, I want to experience, in-person, the talent that have brought them to this level.  It’s my hope that DJ MLEM and more artists like him, can bring back DJing as a true art form.

On a more personal note, if you have never heard of DJ MLEM, follow him on Facebook, see where he’s playing next, and definitely be there to listen to his talent in-person.  Oh, and he’s also one of the nicest guys in the world too.

Give me your thoughts!

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