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DJ MLEM, Loosid, and Hotel Garuda at A.I.

On Friday, November 25th, a group of us went to see DJ MLEM, Loosid, and Hotel Garuda perform at A.I. in DC.

For those who don’t know what A.I. is, think of it as an underground EDM club, with an Ibiza-like feel, which welcomes anyone and everyone who has a love of this genre, to dance AROUND the DJ booth.  The DJs that perform at A.I. are well-known in the EDM world (with quite the following) yet, remain true to their art form by only playing at select festivals and clubs where their fans appreciate true DJing skills.

Going into listening to this lineup, many of us expected fluid sets from each of the DJs, to include deep house and trap, playing some of their biggest hits (like Cloud).  Instead, two out of the three left us somewhat disappointed.


If you have never heard of him, you soon will.  DJMLEM’s deep house style has taken notice in D.C. for his smooth, yet energetic mixes, keeping the crowd going at the right pace.  When his set transitioned over to Loosid for them to begin, it was so fluid you had no idea where his ended and theirs began.




When the transition went from DJ MLEM to Loosid, all seemed great – it kept on the right pace, and people were loving it.  Unfortunately, during their hour-long set, they started to creep all over the style map and not once did they play the hit “Clouds” that so many of us knew.  It was a decent set and still kept me dancing.

Hotel Garuda


Many know 1/2 of the Hotel Garuda duo for his time at Radford and George Mason University.  It’s at these universities that Manila Killa got his start, DJing many a party.


When the duo was formed, an immediate fan base was already built in, helping to skyrocket them to fame.  A lot of expectations were placed on them Friday night, as they have some great hits (below is a video clip of one of their better songs). It started out strong but unfortunately, tanked.  The transitions were choppy and at one point, they played Ignition by R. Kelly.  MANY Redford grads were in attendance, which I’m sure had a lot to do with the music selection.  And while many DJs mix others’ music into their own sets, this stuck out like a sore thumb.  A few songs later, and we chose to leave.

If you haven’t listened to any of these DJs’ music, I encourage you to do so.  Each one of these DJs is highly talented and have produced incredible hits.  We’re thankful for the opportunity to have been there, to see them all live, as well as hang out in the Green Room with them!

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