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Date Night: City Center Christmas Tree Lighting 2016

Every once in a while, I brave the cold to do something holiday-ish and every once in a while, I’ll convince my other half to brave it with me.

For a few weeks now, I have had a whole date planned around attending the City Center Christmas Tree lighting because there’s nothing better than getting into the holiday spirit AND seeing a tree lighting makes you feel like the holidays are official. (If you missed the tree lighting either in person or on television, I have some video clips below.) Thus, I dragged my other half through the chilly wind to experience some of what the City Center has to offer.

Momofuku Milk Bar


The only acronym I can think of for Momofuku Milk Bar is O.M.G.  Everything looked mouth-watering, and I mean EVERYTHING.  Since I am unable to eat anything with wheat, it was good to see that Ms. Karlie Kloss and Milk Bar teamed up to have three different kinds of gluten-free cookies available (some of the proceeds of those also go to FEED).  AND, their spin on the chai tea latte with butterscotch was the best (and most addictive) hot beverage invention I’ve ever tasted.  I highly recommend this place!

Del Frisco’s Double Eagle Steakhouse

I’ve been to Del Frisco’s once before, for Mother’s Day lunch, and the food wasn’t bad (although the clientele wasn’t what I expected).  This time though, we headed in for a drink to get out of the cold for an hour, as there was no way we (I) could walk around and drool over the Louis Vuitton, Dior, and Hermes window displays (note: it had to have been entirely FREEZING outside for me to pass that up).  While the bar is classic upscale, the drinks are fun and well-made.  Given that I was trying to keep my insides from freezing up, I chose the classic Irish coffee, which I highly recommend there.

City Center Tree Lighting

Planning to Attend: For anyone that plans on going in the future, plan on not arriving to the tree lighting area until about 15 minutes before it’s scheduled to begin.  There is plenty of room to stand, and nothing really kicks off until then.  Also note that all the festivities last about 1 1/2 – 2 hours and that’s about it.  By the time we were out of dinner at 8pm, everything was shut down.

The Fun That Surrounds You: The City Center committee surely made this area magical.  From the Gay Men’s Chorus of Washington, D.C., singing a few of our favorite holiday songs (their voices are beautiful); to the snowflake art installations from my friend Maggie O’Neill and her team at Swatchroom; to the stilt walkers, balloon animal artists, the DJ that spun hip hop holiday tunes, etc.; it was worth braving the cold!  Check out some of the pics and videos below, before moving onto our dinner!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Fig and Olive


If you have never been to Fig and Olive, it’s one of my favorite places to go.  Think of sitting in an upscale restaurant in Miami with deep house playing in the background, loud enough you can hear it but quiet enough that you can talk to other humans.  Add to it incredible food (everything is cooked in olive oil and tastes amazing), two stories of comfortable seating, and of course, running into so many people you know because “everyone goes there” (I ran into a few tonight, myself). Fig and Olive has become the place to be seen, to meet new people, as well as connect with those you love to drink and dine with.  It’s in a great central location of the City Center and during the summer, comes alive even more.

Tip: Opt for downstairs seating in the lounge area – it has a more comfortable, vibe to it – and it gives you the chance to people watch!

I encourage each of you to try out our date, during this holiday season – it surely will not disappoint!

Give me your thoughts!

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