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Traveling Through India – Diwali and Other Special Experiences

In addition to all of the sightseeing around India (see my previous posts), we were also there for a very special time of year (Diwali), as well as to spend time with family, doing more local activities.


To read about Diwali, click here.  Now that you have the background, we did see so many lights on every building, as well as the colored sand art, and lit Diyas!  We also heard more fireworks, over the course of a week, than we hear in one day on the 4th of July!  It took a bit of getting used to, since there are no restrictions on WHO can light them, and at what time.

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We also were a part of the prayers in the family home, along with the dinner (all meals that day are meatless).  To learn about a new religion, the importance/meaning of their prayers, as well as being a part of the rituals, were very meaningful to me.  It allowed me an opportunity to be fully immersed into their culture, which I love!


BUT, hands-down, the most incredible part of Diwali were the parties.  In much of Delhi, the wealthy take turns throwing opulent parties in the weeks, leading up to Diwali, as well as on Diwali itself.  We were fortunate to tag along to a couple of the best parties I have ever been to.  The traditional couture outfits and large jewels were brought out of their closets and bank safes; magnificent mansions and compounds were transformed into chic party atmospheres; top DJs in India were spinning a mix of Global EDM and Punjabi (with people dancing everywhere); cards were being played; and the food from some of the most notable restaurants in Delhi, was absolutely incredible.  These parties ranged from 100-2,000 people.

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Golfing/Country Club

Our trip to India wasn’t without special trips to a few exclusive country clubs in Delhi!

The Delhi Golf Club is part of the Asia PGA Tour.  It boasts a driving range, an 18-hole course, and a 9-hole Peacock course, which is what my other half, played with his family. Throughout the courses, you might be looking for your balls amongst tombs and groups of peacocks! Note: You have to be a member to gain access.

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The Delhi Gymkhana Club is one of the oldest British-established country clubs in India.  It has a 40-year waitlist with family legacies getting privilege before outside people are given a chance to become a member. We went there for dinner and drinks one evening and it is definitely heavy on British influence, and quite beautiful!

Heading to the country club with his family!

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