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Summer Sixteen: Drake and Future


On Friday, August 19th, Drake and Future turned the Verizon Center into a massive party for three hours, performing THIRTY of their biggest hits, complete with pyrotechnics, a floating “stage”, and the most incredible use of LED boards and hovering light displays I’ve ever seen.


Yes, I am a huge Drake fan.  I’m the one that on my flights, to and from San Francisco (for work), I can play his entire catalog on shuffle, and get lost in his music.  He’s powerful, emotional, and relatable (okay, not to mention, attractive).  Whether the writing is entirely his own or not, it’s inspiring to hear the creativity that goes into his songs. As a writer, it’s a huge inspiration.  So naturally, when his tour dates came out, I immediately knew what I was getting myself for my birthday.


While the songs came to life and the performance was sick, it was the crowd that made the show, proving Drake’s music transcends across the world.  People of all races and ages were there, all of them dancing, singing, and rapping along to every song that was performed. Having never been to a rap concert before (much less sitting four rows behind the stage), my sister and I had no idea what to expect.  Out of all the concerts we have been to over the years, we had never had more women come up to us and compliment us on some part of our outfit, or be more polite if they needed to walk past us.  And, it would also be the first time that every single woman who was in attendance (which was a lot), was on point with their outfits.  To be amongst beautiful and nice people took our experience to a whole other level.


Below is my slideshow of pics, as well as a couple of the twenty videos I took.  For the entire collection of videos from the show, click here.

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