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MEDITATION EXPERIENCE DAY 14: Finding Your Creative Path


“The deeper your awareness, the smaller the gap between intention and fulfillment.” — Deepak Chopra

Today’s meditation was such a great reminder for me in what I should be doing everyday – meditating with intention.  Intentions are those goal-oriented thoughts that we want a desired outcome (achievement) from.  When we meditate on our intentions, we keep an open mind on how the goal will be achieved, trusting that something deeper is happening to get there.

Oftentimes, we believe that physical and mental hard work will get us to our desired outcome.  This belief is actually limiting in nature, as it puts timetables on the outcome, with a fixed idea of success in mind.

I have a girlfriend who is the absolute queen of setting intentions and the most amazing things happening to her.  She has set intentions of meeting/working with some of the greatest minds in personal development, with the “holy grail” of goals being, not only meeting Oprah, but working with her on a project.  Last month, this all came true, and it wasn’t through perseverance, it was through human connection.  She is a big believer in the universe having a plan and when something is supposed to happen to get her there, it will.  To give you a summary of how this happened to her:  She bought a VIP ticket to Oprah’s conference, which means she was allowed a photo op.  When it was her turn, she gave Oprah her 10-second pitch of her business, Oprah then asked her for her business card, which she handed to her assistant, asking her to stamp it with a smiley face (which means a follow up).  My girlfriend was (of course) ecstatic!  She followed up about a week later, to thank Oprah for meeting her and then released her intentions to the universe.  Several months later, she received a call, saying there was an opportunity for a project, and Oprah wanted to follow up.  This is just one of the many examples of how setting intentions in the universe have a way of manifesting, that you could never dream of!

While it sounds too good to be true, it can certainly feel that way.  Setting an intention does not mean a genie comes out of a bottle and grants you, your wish immediately (and no, it isn’t Santa either, so wishing for a new car isn’t the right ask – it’s asking for abundance to live a more comfortable life).  It means you are telling the universe to “hook you up” (so-to-speak) and then sitting back to allow it to happen the way the universe wants it to happen.  Oftentimes, this can be met with impatience, frustration, bumps in the road, let-downs, etc.  These deflating feelings and events are there on purpose – there is supposed to be something we learn on this journey that makes us masters.  Or, alternatively, the intention we set was actually there to make us learn something, in order to set the REAL intention we SHOULD be after.

For someone, like me, with limited patience, this was VERY HARD to put into practice (and I’m still learning).  Being in a goal-oriented job, it’s hard to NOT structure the rest of my life the way my calendar looks during the day.  But what I do know is that some of my very best experiences have happened when I set my intention and walk away from it for a bit. It’s allowed my life to be filled with joyous surprises, in which bigger and bigger dreams have come true, often with less struggle. The more I let life happen the way it’s supposed to, the less stress I feel in my life and who doesn’t want that?

So, the homework for today is to set an intention of something you want to do in your life. Meditate on it, ask the universe for it, and then walk away.  I guarantee you, what you need/want from your life will come back ten-fold.


Give me your thoughts!

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