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MEDITATION EXPERIENCE DAY 13: The Joy of Finding Self-Worth


“Each soul plays a necessary part in the evolution of the cosmos.  Existence itself gives you the opportunity to create something unique and necessary.” — Deepak Chopra

I absolutely love this quote because it sums up what we, as humans, are meant to be  – uniquely contributing individuals who evolve the universe.

It amazes me to see how we have evolved our own planet, as well as what we are doing to expand our awareness (and presence) in other celestial places.

The picture above shows the brain child of a group of NASA Engineers, including my female cousin – a Lead Engineer for it. Called “Morpheus”, this vehicle is meant for lunar landings, for robotic missions, and even has the potential to land on asteroids.  While it’s still in the developmental phase, it could potentially change the way we conduct research on the development of the universe, as well as our own planet.

I was inspired to use this picture because it’s a prime example of how human beings have realized their limitless potential in bringing to life new ideas that continue to evolutionize our species. It’s also a great example of inspiration on how we should choose to live our own lives – unique contributors that will undoubtedly leave a mark on this world!

Deepak teaches us that tapping into our unlimited creative potential, empowers us to demand a strong sense of self-worth that entitles us to never-ending love, grace, beauty, and meaning.    When we are able to recognize our true potential, we impact not just ourselves, but the world as a whole.

Think of any group of volunteers that are making an impact in the world, whether it be ecological, animal-related, human causes, etc.  These humans have recognized that their souls are meant to impact the greater good, have banded together out of compassion, and have incrementally changed others’ lives for the better.  They have demonstrated that they recognize a need to bring instill this self-worth in others, creating a larger sense of harmony all over the planet (yes, despite all you read in the news, there is A LOT OF GOOD in this world!).

We often hear a lot about how one person can make a difference yet, many people believe the larger the group, the larger the impact – that one human can’t do much.  It just simply isn’t true.  Many causes are the brain child of 1-2 people, soliciting resources from others who may have felt compassion for the cause in their hearts but didn’t have the ability to embark on such a large endeavor.  Next thing you know the cause spreads as more individuals, with the same interest, begin to participate. What’s key to note is that they each bring a unique spin to it – someone might figure out how to convert muddy water into something drinkable; another might figure out a faster way to knit more clothes for those in need; inventing better tools to do it; or someone might lobby on behalf of an organization, to get financial assistance or laws changed/added.  The point is those unique souls helped to evolve an organization into something greater, one by one; not necessarily many by many.

So how do we tie this back to YOU… each one of us carries a whole heck of a lot of worth in this world.  The problem is, not everyone knows it.  So many of us in privileged lives see our self-worth as materialistic in nature, claiming we are ENTITLED TO that new car, that big house, or the latest technology, as this will win friends and influence others.  What this actually is, is a mask for what we need to feel entitled to: love, beauty, grace, and a validity of our own truth (true confidence in our abilities/what makes us happy on the inside).  When we feel this entitlement instead, we realize it’s not about the ego – it’s about understanding, evolving, and nurturing our existence.

When I look at things from this perspective, I then understand what is important to me, what I need to exist in this world, and what I want for my future: love, exploration, adventure, life, and continuing to expand my creativity in all aspects.

This is probably one of my most self-inspiring posts to-date, and I hope it has been for you too.  Here’s to going out, experiencing life, and feeling “full” of all things that matter!




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