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MEDITATION EXPERIENCE DAY 11: Awareness Is a Skill You Can Master


Every one of us have had at least one moment in life of pure elation.  It’s a moment where time feels like it stood still, it’s calm, quiet, peaceful, and heavenly.  Your brain is telling your body not to move from its spot, to just enjoy the moment, take it in, and etch a picture in your mind of this moment, that can never be erased.  When that moment has passed, you walk away with a sense of euphoria – a clear understanding and need to feel this way again  – and you now know what to do to obtain it, vowing to search for these moments as much as you can.

The picture above gave me a moment like this. My family and I were on a cruise through Europe last year, it was around 5:30am, and we were beginning to pull into the port in Valletta, Malta.  My entire family was more interested in sleeping in, and I was more interested in seeing the ports from first light.  I changed into my workout gear, went up to the running track at the top of the ship, ran a few laps, and then saw this view.  No one else was around to distract me while I took it in – it was so calm and peaceful, watching the sunrise over one of the most magnificent places in the world, having this experience all by myself, allowing me to appreciate the entirety of it.  I felt powerful, strong, and alive.  I didn’t feel the need to have someone share this with me – it was a pure joy I got to selfishly experience.

I went back down to my room, onto the balcony and meditated.  It was then that I not only learned how to appreciate these moments more often, but how to sustain them through my practice.  The rest of my trip, which took us through Italy, was one of the best experiences of my life, having achieved pure joy again and again in some of the most beautiful settings in the world.

The reason I share this story is that we don’t often take the time to just “be”, giving us little opportunity to enjoy some of the best moments (often free) that we need, in order to keep LIVING our lives the way they were meant to be lived.

Deepak teaches us that it’s a skill to pay attention, opening your eyes to the world around you.  When you’re searching for that feeling, it isn’t within you yet.  It’s when you’re in a natural state of calmness that these moments often appear.  When they do, you will instantly recognize and feel it – you will feel controlled and connected, your focus can’t be broken, and the stillness is something you don’t want to break.  It’s in those moments we are 100% our whole selves.

If you’re an avid reader of this blog, you have read time and again what meditation has done for me – what kinds of experiences I’ve had that have connected my whole being to so many incredible experiences around me.  It is why I continue to write each and every day, during a meditation challenge, in the hopes of changing even one person’s life through this.  These feelings of happiness, calmness, groundedness, and pure joy are meant to be shared with others, regardless if the moments that produce them are private.  It is my hope that you are inspired enough to experience this new state of being just enough that you, too, will become hooked on its benefits 🙂



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