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Meditation Experience Day 9: Your Creative Self Is Already Here


“You should only have the greatest expectations of what you deserve” — Oprah

I love this quote.  Each moment of the day when you’re met with a decision, it’s a great thing to tell yourself – especially when that decision is something that could make you metaphysically happy or not!  However, I’m not going to go into the usual long diatribe about how to get there and what steps to take.  Instead, I feel compelled to talk about false expectations and a sense of entitlement that can potentially happen, when such a quote (or meditation practice) is wrongly put into practice.

Amongst my friends and acquaintances in D.C., I’ve noticed a large group of people who read quotes, such as Oprah’s, and translate them into a validation that they can call out a date for not being rich enough to support her lifestyle, or not being beautiful and thin enough to be seen with him, both validating this by telling everyone else “they deserve the best”.  I’ve then watched these same people, pass themselves around a group of the opposite sex, “giving themselves up”, in hopes they will reach the Holy Grail of individuals who will love them with all of their being and sweep them off to the lifestyle they want.  This is one of many examples where quotes like Oprah’s go majorly wrong.

A few posts ago, I talked about not coveting someone else’s lifestyle, for the fact that their particular lifestyle will never be what it’s cracked up to be, simply because YOU have a life designed for YOU.  When you try to emulate someone else, you’re left with depression, frustration, and loneliness.  Much like in that post, having a false sense of expectation on another is a recipe for unhappiness.  Even more so is the desire to falsely validate the entire experience with the words, “I deserve the best”.  From what I’ve seen, over the course of my social life, 98% of all beings that behave this way, end up a “fallen star”.  They are harshly judged, oftentimes left to go home alone at the end of the evening, tend to be single for quite some time, sometimes uninvited to gatherings they were once the center of attention at, and the list goes on.  It makes me sad to think about this because money or none, looks or none, personality or none; these are lost human beings who need to be guided back on the correct path.  While it seems as simple as looking at that person and telling them to “snap out of it”, it’s a lot harder when they have no idea who they are. It’s in this situation that meditation can be so powerful.

Deepak teaches us that awareness and remaining present are all you need to get yourself back on the right path, which undoubtedly helps many in this world… if you are receptive to it.  That is the one thing I’ve noticed about anyone who needs some assistance in re-directing their life – they have to be receptive.

I’ve met souls so lost that when they try to meditate or even practice yoga, they complain it isn’t doing anything for them (they are expecting a particular feeling to emerge).  Getting them to understand HOW to do it, is impossible.  It’s all about a personal energy shift and a willingness to be open to the experience.

I say all this for those of you who are on the fence about meditation and its benefits. No one can make you do these things and of course, feeling forced will only make you resist more.  Instead, I’m telling you that I am proof-positive that meditation can help you live a life you were meant to live.  The mind is the most amazing thing in this world and mine on meditation has taken me to places that are not only indescribable, but leave me feeling relaxed, as though I was just on vacation in a remote area for a week.  And, the deeper into the practice I’ve been able to go, the more it has immensely helped ME with my waking life.  No longer do I worry about the thoughts of others, the fear of missing out on something going on in the social scene, or even if I’m going to be loved by the right person.  Meditation has made me realize I have a much larger purpose in life and it’s one of the most exciting discoveries I can think of.

If any of you reading this, truly have any doubts about what this can do for you; feel free to leave a question or comment, and I will happily respond!



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