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Meditation Experience Day 8: Let Your Awareness Do the Work


It is normal to have trouble “letting go” of just about anything.  In our day-to-day daily grind, we oftentimes feel that to get from one thing to another is by just doing, which can create a lot of stress if that to-do list is a mile long.  We then find ourselves compensating for lack of true “self-time” by relying on stress to get us through until we think we will be done.  We’ll say things to ourself like, “Just 2 more things to do and I can finally relax…” and before you know it, the day is over and you go to bed frustrated, completely dreading the next day, so that you can do it all over again.

It’s the scenario above that drives us to not spend as much time enjoying, as we do trying to get through our day, in the hopes that the next one will bring what we are seeking.  It’s as if we are hoping that some non-visual being will swoop us away from here and make everything better for us, without us having to do a thing.  I hate to be the bearer of the news but this is simply not true.

Deepak teaches us that the only way to a more fulfilled life is through awareness – something each of us possess in abundance, provided we actively practice it.  When we are aware, we start to enjoy because each and every part of our day is something we are consciously doing.

For example, I tend to work very long hours.  Granted, I work from home (which is a blessing and a curse), so I tend to find myself in front of my laptop, continuing to complete my (never-ending) task list.  To some, this sounds awful.  To me, I immensely enjoy it.  When I learned to remain present and aware in each of my tasks, I found my creativeness to be unlimited, which has led to launching some amazing projects I’ve created from the ground, up.  It’s not to say it isn’t without its challenges – I’m still relentless and I’m learning patience, so when something doesn’t go according to plan, I have to take a time out, breathe and/or mediate, and put things back in perspective for myself.

But what I can tell you, from my own personal experiences, is that having a more relaxed, open attitude means that you accept things as they come; you realize you cannot control outcomes; and that there is a reason everything happens.  When you give a larger percentage of your daily happenings to the universe, while remaining present in what you can do, you will feel an immense energy shift within yourself.  It’s a feeling of lightness, less stress and worry, and far less strain.  Life becomes enjoyable, even in the most mundane of tasks.  It equates to an incredible level of satisfaction.


In some meditative practices, they teach you the art of waking up in the morning and being conscious of your breath, silently thanking the universe for each breath you are given.  Some people do the same thing watering plants (DJ Khaled is an example of someone who does this).  While it seems silly to those who do not practice gratitude, these are small, tiny starts of awareness that allow us to understand just how powerful it is.  The more awareness we have, the more grateful we are, the more grateful we are, the more positive energy flows around us, which leads us to a much happier life.


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