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Meditation Experience Day 3: Finding the Key to Your Creativity

The world is your oyster still life

I’m sure you’ve heard the expression, “The World Is Your Oyster” before.  If you are unfamiliar with the meaning of it, it means that you have the ability to seize any opportunity you desire – your opportunities are limitless.

Many of us hear this, think this, but believe that the path to obtaining this state of mind, as well as living it, is out of the cards.  We might either be too busy with our daily lives or find ourselves flooded with limiting beliefs, that we ignore the signs that we are meant to be/can do anything.

Nine times out of ten, the reason we don’t believe this is true, is that we are not fully aware of the creativity we possess in seizing those opportunities.  Going back to yesterday’s meditative post, we often times find ourselves coveting an aspect of someone else’s lifestyle, followed with a statement, such as, “I’ll never be…” or “I can never do…”. This limiting behavior is what holds us back in finding our own path, specially tailored to our individual selves, which could potentially serve up something much greater!

What Deepak teaches us is that the more aware we our of ourselves in the present moment, the more life-affirming qualities surface, which sends us on a trajectory in believing anything is possible.  When we find out how to obtain something, and seize it, we’ve managed to get ourselves unstuck and back on track.

It’s certainly a hard thing to do!  While I went through bouts of “anything is possible” in my life, I also have hit many hard (and what felt like never-ending) concrete walls that threw me into the exact opposite thinking.  It could be that work was getting tough to manage, I was stuck on a creative project, someone else told me I’d never be able to do x,y, or z; or that I saw an aspect of someone’s lifestyle I always wanted, and felt stuck on how to obtain it for myself, chalking it up to having made a lot of mistakes.

Since learning what works for ME, what I want in MY life, and how I KNOW I am able to obtain it, my life became more about having fun with everything I do, than dreading the next day and what it would hold.  Below are some of my exercises in keeping me fully engaged, creative, and present:

  1. Learn what you LOVE.  So many people race through each and everyday, not taking into account what they love in life.  It could be a particular artist, a show, a form of exercise, a type of person, etc.  And, even if they do know it, oftentimes they ignore it, in favor of going with the status quo.  My favorite quote ever, “You have only you for the rest of your life.”  Why would you not satisfy your happiness?
  2. Ignore those that bring you down.  Yep, there are a lot of “Debbie Downers”, “Chicken Littles” and “Eeyores” in this world who find comfort in spreading negativity. I worked hard to not be one.  Unless someone asks my advice, I usually say that I’m sorry to hear about something they are going through; or I smile, listen, and move on.  It’s not worth absorbing the negative energy, especially when you are seeking unending happiness 🙂
  3. Reminding yourself that anyone and anything can be accessible. That’s right – ANYONE and ANYTHING.  With a little bit of perseverance, you could meet your mentor, that major celeb you have a crush on, or that one person you admire.  Alternatively, you could find away to go on your dream trip, live a lifestyle you have always wanted to live (even if for a weekend), or purchase a large item, such as a car or a home you’ve dreamt of.  For me, it comes down to planning and perseverance.  (I’m also relentless, which helps. 🙂
  4. Live to tell a great story.  I love telling stories of my life, not because I feel everyone needs to listen to me all the time, but because I can find a way to relate to so many people that I’ve now got friends across the globe!  Human connection is a need in all of us and the more we can connect with each other on some level, the more satisfied, well-rounded, and happier beings we are!

I encourage all of you to use these steps above as a start or certainly, meditate if you can.  It’s important to note that the more happy and relaxed you are, the more confident and approachable you will be.  The deeper you are in this state, the more the world will come to you with all that you hope for!


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