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Meditation Experience Day 1: Getting Unstuck Leads to Fulfillment


I am very excited that Deepak Chopra and Oprah have come out with a new meditation experience about getting “unstuck”, as the timing could not have been more perfect.

In the month of June, the cosmic slowdown affected  almost all of my friends, as well as myself, in that we felt “stuck” in various areas of our lives.  We felt down and depressed, in that we either lost something or someone import to us; or we weren’t achieving something in our lives the way in which we had hoped to.  Feelings of failure, heaviness, and being lost and/or lonely, were all common themes we kept hearing from each other.

For me, personally, I am an achiever so when something doesn’t go as planned, or I feel like I have failed at something, it’s hard for me to see the forest through the trees.  It’s already taken YEARS for me to learn patience but it’s taking even longer for me to be content with where I am now, trusting the universe has a plan that will be much greater than where I think I’ll end up ,as a result of a setback.  In other words, I see lack of fulfillment and progress in my life but the universe sees something different, in that it is trying to teach me something 🙂

But what we have to remember is that WE are responsible for our limiting thoughts and choices.  WE are in charge of providing ourselves the environment in which to create our own successes.  So whether you think you’re too old to do something entirely different with your life; or you don’t feel you have enough experience to get that new job; or perhaps you feel like you will never make enough money to have the freedom you want; it’s YOU who is controlling your destiny.

This is what Deepak and Oprah want us to learn, over the next three weeks – how to change our thinking to “can do” statements, as opposed to the easier answer of “I can’t”.

Today’s meditation focused on setting the stage (which was a very calming exercise, right before I am going to plow through about two weeks’ worth of work in four days), allowing me to remind myself that I can BE anything and I can DO anything, and I have the creative power, within me, to forge ahead.

For me, personally, I needed the reminder that it doesn’t matter how old I am, I can always be successful at something new if I want it bad enough.  I then pulled up some lists of those who didn’t find their calling (or became a success) until later in life, which I’m sure some of you have seen, and I’m also sure will inspire you as well:

  1. Joy Behar was an English teacher until she found her show business career until after age 40.
  2. Tim and Nina Zagat were both lawyers until they gave up their careers to write restaurant guides (Zagat rating) at age 42.  Their business is now part of Google.
  3. Robin Chase was a stay-at-home mom who founded Zipcar in her 40s.
  4. Harland Sanders failed at almost everything, including his first restaurant, until he established (and sold) his chain of Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurants at age 65.
  5. Rodney Dangerfield didn’t get his first big break until he was 46.
  6. Duncan Hines wrote his first food and hotel guides at age 55. At 73, he licensed the right for the cake mix company to use his name on its products.
  7. Samuel L Jackson’s first big break was at 46.
  8. Ray Kroc was 50 before he bought his first McDonald’s.
  9. Julia Child’s first cookbook was published at age 39. She didn’t have her own TV show until 55.
  10. Leo Goodwin and his wife didn’t found GEICO until age 50.
  11. Carol Gardner was 52 when she found herself broke, depressed, and newly divorced.  She got a dog, named Zelda, whom she used for her Christmas card photo. The card contained a funny quip that her friends and family enjoyed.  From there, her $50 million greeting card business was born.
  12. Miguel de Cervantes was in his late 50s when “Don Quixote” was finally published.
  13. Paul Cezanne was not an acclaimed artist until he was 56.
  14. Laura Ingalls Wilder didn’t publish her “Little House on the Prairie” books until she was 65.
  15. Jon Hamm didn’t get his breakout role (“Madmen”) until he was 36.
  16. Jane Lynch didn’t have her breakout role (“Best in Show”) until she was 43.
  17. Alan Rickman didn’t start his film career until he was 46.
  18. Ang Lee was a stay-at-home dad until age 38 when he became a Director.
  19. Morgan Freeman didn’t have his first breakout role (“Driving Miss Daisy) until he was 52.
  20. Kathryn Joosten didn’t begin acting until age 56.




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