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Diplo Comes to D.C.


On Saturday,  June 18th, Diplo came to Washington, D.C. for one night only, playing for an insanely packed house of eager fans, at Echostage.

If you have ever been to a Diplo show, you know that no two of his shows are the same.  Oftentimes, there are surprise guests, backup dancers, pyrotechnics, and other fun club-going experiences that add just a little bit more to the overall show experience (aside from the standard club amenities, such as LED boards, laser lights, dry ice machines, confetti guns, and arena-grade sound systems).  Unfortunately, out of all the shows he’s played this year (add him on Snapchat to follow along), D.C.’s was a bit of a disappointment.  While his music was still as incredible as it’s always been (I am a HUGE fan), and he still jumped onto the DJ booth to get the crowd going (see the video below); his set was less than 1 1/2 hours long, and it didn’t offer up anything iconic that Diplo has been doing in other places, that sets him apart in the DJ world (cue Aoki’s cake throwing).

Of course, your experience at an EDM show is always what you make of it (cue the crazy outfits… or lack there of, “mood enhancers”, General Admission tickets vs. tables, etc.). We were fortunate enough to have stage access to get the pics and videos below that show just how amazing our night still was.  Here’s to hoping that next time around, Diplo is able to stay longer and bring an even crazier party with him!

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To see all the videos of his performance, click here.

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