Stroke Comeback Center’s Annual Campaign


At the end of March, I helped co-chair a very successful fundraising event that raised funds for a very special purpose – stroke and brain trauma victims that need rehabilitation.  Whether you know of someone who has suffered a stroke, or another traumatic Brain Injury event; or you have experienced this unfortunate affliction yourself, The Stroke Comeback Center (SCC) is undoubtedly first-of-mind to a path of recovery.

The center has provided so many with such amazing care and the outcome has been astounding stories of progress and recoveries, even from some of the most debilitating cases.  These cases do not just include people who have suffered strokes and other brain-related traumas, but also Wounded Warriors that have fought to protect our freedom and in the process, have been severely harmed.

However, rehabilitation does not come cheap and oftentimes, insurance doesn’t cover the person’s extent of what’s needed.  Thus, the SCC is raising funds to help support these programs and those that need them.

Each year, SCC participates in the “Do More 24™” campaign.  This campaign, powered by United Way, is a local movement that brings together nonprofit organizations, companies, and people, committed to making a difference; encouraging donors to contribute to the causes and organizations, closest to their hearts.

Last year, the SCC accumulated $30,000 with very little investment in resources, which helped them to fund scholarships, buy equipment, expand their services, hire staff, and fill budget gaps. This year, they would like to raise funds to do the same.
For 24 hours, starting June 2nd, the online campaign will be open for you to donate.  The ask is to contribute  what you can, during those 24 hours,  to help those (including our veterans), get the care they need.
If you’re interested in learning more, please check out their site here.
To read some truly astounding stories of current patients, who have dictated them in their own words,  click on Russel Kaufmann‘s or Christie Arnold‘s.  To see more fun videos and stories of their patients, click here.

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