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MEDITATION EXPERIENCE (DAY 20): Living Without Burdens


Burdens are the bane of everyone’s existence.  No matter how small or how large, we all have them.  They cause us to say things to ourselves and others like, “I wish this was easier”, or “I wish I could do that”, or even, “I could never do that because I’m not good enough”.

The reality is, burdens weigh us down.  They prevent us from living the life we want to live.  Burdens create sour moods, constant stress (which takes a toll on our entire being), low confidence, and bad habits (such as smoking).  They send us into a spiral of fear, causing us to put ourselves in invisible boxes, sealed with invisible packing tape.

Deepak teaches us, through this meditation challenge, that meditation unseals those boxes for us, naturally freeing us from those burdens.  For those 20 minutes, you feel freer, your mood lighter, and your self-confidence increased.  And, the more you meditate, the closer you get to kicking that box in the trash for good, void of all self-judgment.

While I know this is beginning to sound like a unsolicited Deepak ad, it really has nothing to do with who provides the guided meditations, but is more about the practice itself (I use Deepak because I like the overall experience). Like so many in this world, for years, I carried around needless burdens and bad habits that made me who I was: angry, self-conscious, tired all the time, slightly overweight, and awkward. It was an uncomfortable place to be in.  Then, one day, a girlfriend of mine emailed me with a link to a meditation challenge and told me to just try it.  After the first couple of tries, I was transposed into new worlds that my psyche took me to.  I have “visited” jungles with towering buddha statues, protecting tall but gentle waterfalls.  I have “visited” secluded pagodas, set on top of gently running rivers.  I have “visited” penthouses in New York, overlooking the entire city.  And, I have also “visited” empty beaches at sunset.  It sounds crazy and amazing all at the same time, right?  These places sit in our subconscious and come out when we ask them to.  The jungles helped me to feel love and peace – sometimes, other people were meditating with me, and sometimes it was just me.  The pagoda helped me to feel confident, sexy, and free – sometimes, I had a faceless lover in there while I meditated outside, and other times, it was just me.  The skyline helped me to think big thoughts, giving me the realization I could be successful at anything, which boosted my confidence. The empty beaches made me feel one with the world, loved, cared for, and most importantly, whole.

Meditation has become the single most important practice for the well-being of ourselves, and one of the easiest ways to shed our burdens.  The healing properties it possesses far surpass what most modern-day treatments can.  If this is your first time, I promise you will unlock new (and positive) ways of experiencing life.  If it’s not, then I hope you’re living the happiest life you can live.



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