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When you meditate, it’s hard not to love.  Meditating not only brings a sense of peace in your life, it also teaches you that you are capable of spreading love, light, and positivity in the world.  Deepak says that our world created, was created with love.  It’s a spiritual force that is inside all of us.

I think the most difficult part of being human, is learning to love those we don’t necessarily like or feel compatible with, especially if that person has offended us in some way. Having compassion, forgiveness, kindness, gratitude, and non-judgment towards someone we do not have an affinity for, is one of the most selfless things we can do.


Think of one situation in which unkind words were exchanged, or a vow was made to never talk again.  Think about how you felt when you walked away from that – was it anger, sadness, or frustration?  Think about a few weeks from that when the dust settled, did you feel sadness, guilt, or a sense of loneliness from it?  Would you reach back out to that person and apologize?  Or, would you accept an apology from the other?  Or, would you silently forgive the person and move on?

These things are hard to do, as a sense of ego and pride can often get in the way of bringing  a sense of peace to yourself and others.  Think about the nature of wars, the nature of fighting, and even the nature of arguing.  These come about from a misalignment, in which two or more people can’t come to an acceptance of the other because one always has to be right.  The physical or verbal abuse that comes next is a byproduct of this, in which the other person’s sense of ego comes in to help them validate who they are as an individual, who happens to be riddled with insecurities.  In the moment, it’s hard to not want to fight back, or perhaps instead, run away entirely, accepting that this is what you will have to deal with, with this person.  However, when you, yourself, have a sense of peace, love, and calm in your life, you approach a negative situation in a very different way.  You remain calm, you listen to them, without judgment or reaction, and when they are finished, you repeat what they said, to make sure you understand correctly.  When they confirm that you get it, you can then proceed to calmly let them know how you FEEL, and that you are willing to work through what you can.  Sometimes, you have to walk away when there is no solution, but know you can do so peacefully.  THIS is coming from a place of love.  It isn’t seceding to the other – instead, it’s demonstrating to another that you have compassion, that you care, and that you are not going to attack them.  It also demonstrates that you are secure in yourself, love yourself first, and have no reason to create negative situations with another.

While this is just one of many examples, it is one of the most common ones we face.  Learning to love wholly and unconditionally is one of the toughest things to do in this world, and one of the things we must learn how to do if we are ever going to live in a more peaceful world.




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