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MEDITATION EXPERIENCE (DAY 17): Winning the Mind Game


Picture this… there is a line of people at an airline desk, nervously looking at their watches, afraid they will miss their flight.  You find out the flight has been delayed by a few hours, which means you might be missing your connecting flight, or find yourself getting to your destination a bit later.  There’s one person ahead of you who is fuming mad over the situation and when it is their turn at the desk, they demand another flight, they yell, the say unkind things, and ultimately, did not walk away with a reasonable outcome, such as a different flight.  Instead, they are forced to wait.

Now it’s your turn.  You choose to put a smile on your face, perhaps make a light joke about the last person, and say that you are unfortunately in the same position with the flight and is there any possibility of another flight home?  The desk agent looks through the flights and finds one that not only gets you there earlier but it is also a direct flight.  You get booked and you’re on your way.

This scenario literally happened to me (note I was the one with the direct flight home).  In stressful situations, I’ve learned that it’s important to direct your attention (manifest your intentions) to a better outcome.  Being angry is a reaction to something that has no meaning, unless it’s personalized by you.  Sure, you might be annoyed and frustrated but by centering yourself, you approach situations with a sense of peace and calm, thereby transferring that energy to another.  People are more apt to help people through difficult situations when they approach them with a sense of peace and understanding.

So how do you do this?

Step 1: Accept that where you are in the moment is where you are. Take a deep breath and realize that whatever the outcome is, is going to happen for a reason.

Step 2: When you do have to interact with another that potentially holds that outcome, be pleasant and calmly state your dilemma with a smile on your face.  I can promise you that smiling will actually calm you down and will lessen the chance for any sort of hostility from the other.

Step 3: Remain open to what is available, in order to resolve your situation.

Step 4: When the best outcome is presented, graciously thank the other person and accept whatever the outcome is – life will move on and you will be okay.

I think we oftentimes forget that when someone is helping us, regardless if it’s voluntary or not, they are going out of their way to provide us a service.  All too often, we demand immediacy in our lives, which makes for a very frantic, and quick-tempered society. Just imagine if everyone approached issues from a place of peace – what that would do to the world.




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