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MEDITATION EXPERIENCE (DAY 14): Many Breakthroughs, One Victory


As the old saying goes, “New habits are easy to form but are hard to break.” As much as we don’t want to admit it, habits are formed BY US but we do have the power to break them.

Think about how many times you have said to yourself, “I shouldn’t have done that” and then have gone on to feel guilty about what you did, followed by a silent vow to never do it again.  Then you do it again.

The only way to keep yourself from doing it again is to make a conscious decision, in the moment, to break the habit.  Each time we choose the opposite of what we are yearning to do, we make a small victory that will chip away at kicking that bad habit to the curb.

This might sound ridiculous but an example of this just happened.  It’s late here (almost 11pm) and my boyfriend came into the room and announced he found ice cream in the freezer and asked if would I like some.  I told him 1/2 a cup (allotted serving size) would be fine.  He then came back and asked if I wanted whipped cream and chocolate sauce.  Deep down inside, I wanted a pile of both but instead, I told him, “I’ll complain about feeling fat afterward so no, I don’t want those.”  In that moment of saying no, I felt proud of myself and did a small mental victory.

What I recognize is that these small victories add up to a HUGE victory, which is fitting into all of my clothes again and feeling healthier.  And because I’m already seeing results, I recognize that making poor choices would wreck everything I’ve accomplished.  It’s a shining example of when you start making decisions in the present, it becomes easier to make good ones – ones that will shatter bad habits and help you emerge as a happier, healthier being.


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