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Meditation Experience (Day 13): The Present Moment Is Your Magnet and Your Compass


By now you have learned that being present means being your truest and best self.  It means making decisions from a highly conscious place that guides you into an awareness of right and wrong.  It means decision making comes from the depths of your soul, not your surface emotions that have been influenced by external factors.

Through many of my previous posts, you have read some of my examples of remaining present and what I have achieved because of it.  I’ve taken bad situations and turned them into fun times for myself and others.  I’ve taken risks that have panned out.  I’ve chosen to be a listener and not a gossiper.  I’ve realized that focusing on ME is the single best thing I could do for myself, as it has allowed me to make clear decisions without external factors weighing me down.

Think of how many times in your life you have been influenced by another, and how many times you have looked back and told yourself, “I wish I had done…. differently”.  In those cases, you were not making decisions from your present self.  And when you begin to realize this, you stop fearing and mistrusting your gut instinct.  You realize that that gut feeling is your true self speaking loud and clear to you.

I can feel some of you asking yourselves, “What if my gut has let me down in the past?  Or, what if I’m confused on what my gut is telling me?”.  If this is the case, throw it back to the universe and say, “Can you handle this for me?”  Yes, this, too, is remaining in the present.  You’re now using your internal compass to make a BETTER decision that removes the bigger decision from your care and into the care of a “being” that knows what to do with it.  Remember, decisions do not always have an end point on the spot.  Sometimes, they require time to work through things to get to that end point and, oftentimes, there are lessons along the way we were meant to learn before we get the answer we are seeking.

I often use the example of my very hard decision to move back to D.C. after spending a year in San Diego.  When my year in San Diego was up, I knew I was not going to stay there but instead, wasn’t sure if I wanted to move to Los Angeles, to continue a lifestyle I loved, or come home to a place I knew.  It plagued me up until two weeks before move time.  I grappled with it so much that my friends were accustomed to hearing about it constantly and ran out of answers to provide me.  It made me realize I was doing this wrong.  A close friend of mine told me to let it go – to throw it back to the universe and let the decision be handled from there.  It was one of the hardest things to do – to give up control over something I had little time to act on.  But, I did.  I then went up to L.A. and enjoyed every bit of time I could there.  I came back down with a fresh perspective.  While I LOVED the vibe, the beach, Beverly Hills, Studio City, etc., I missed the familiarity of the people I knew back home, and something deep inside of me said that I needed to make it home base for a while.  The next day, I made all my moving arrangements and was off a week and a half later.  I don’t regret my decision at all because I knew it came from the best place possible.

So how do you achieve consistent decision making from a place of true self?  Start by meditating.  It forces you to remain present during the practice.  Deepak and Oprah’s 21-day Meditation Challenges are a great way to start, as it gets you into the habit of doing this on your own.  Then, start small in the decisions you make. Choose to listen to a friend as opposed to speaking.  Choose to find the positive in a negative situation.  Choose to listen to your gut if you find yourself in an uncomfortable situation.  Choose to live in that very moment you are in, as opposed to thinking about the five things you need to do in the next moment.

Use the present to guide you in making more conscious decisions and I promise, you will be living a happier, healthier, guilt-free life.



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