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Meditation Experience (Day 11): Healing Your Hidden Issues

The last Pacific Beach sunset I saw before I moved home.

There are days when I don’t want my meditation to end and today was one of those days.  Imagine sitting on a warm beach, the sun is beginning to set, and no one else is around.  All you do is gaze into the ocean, feeling a slight breeze in your hair and on your face, appreciating this pure moment in its entirety.  This is where my practice took me today.

The practice for today was about healing hidden issues – learning to drum up the issues we’ve shoved way down in our beings, releasing them to the universe, and landing ourselves in a place of peace and calm.

For the last four months of my career, I’ve been taking a good, hard, long look at the life I’ve created for myself, constantly stressing about the future and if I will ever attain the long-terms goals I have set for myself.  I’ve always believed that through hard work and persistence, you can achieve anything.  However, as a very close friend and professional coach reminded me earlier this week, there comes a point where you have to believe the the universe has a plan for you, in which you have no control over.  It’s hard to be reminded of that sometimes when you just want to be able to sleep at night, not tossing and turning, wondering when the universe will finally give you an answer 🙂 But for some reason, today’s practice put me back in touch with a reality I became comfortable with again – I have very little control over my future and that’s okay.  Yes, you read that right.

The universe is a funny “being”.  While things will happen from time to time that seem like life is “falling into place”, it will sometimes also force us to face difficult challenges that might seem daunting and unnecessary. What you don’t know (that the universe does) is that the difficult challenges you have to face now, are actually preparing you for something greater down the road.  The universe wants us to understand that in order for us to achieve higher and higher goals in our lives, we have to take steps to strengthen ourselves first.

Imagine when you started out in your career – whatever that might have been.  Remember what the first few weeks or months were like?  If you’re like me, the words that come to mind are “scary”, “new”, “overwhelming”, etc.  Now look at where you are today – what freaked you out about your responsibilities then, might seem so easy now when you look back.  But when you look ahead to your future, you might think to yourself, “My gosh, that (task, project, new responsibility) looks like something I can’t do. I wouldn’t even know how to do it.”  Then one day in the future, when you’ve done it and moved on, you’re going to look back again and shake your head and smile because you realized it wasn’t that bad.  The point I’m trying to make is we are given challenges for a reason.  Each challenge (and how we overcome it) is a stepping stone to something greater (and better) we were meant for in our lives – perhaps it’s to help attain the goals we are working towards or perhaps it’s a stepping stone to something we didn’t know was going to be better for us in the long run.  It’s how we process the challenge that matters.

When someone gives up control to the universe, one is at peace.  Challenges don’t seem so bad – they become exciting, almost as though you get a new present each day.  You become excited for new opportunities to flex your “muscles” and show the world what you’ve got. (Richard Branson is famous for thinking this way – he embraces new challenges with open arms and look at where he is today.)  On the flip side, some people look at giving up control as giving up, perhaps thinking they were not meant for greater things because nothing ever works out for them, or they are tired of facing what they think are up-hill battles.  If you are one of those people, I can tell you right now that meditation will change that.

So in my practice today, while I’m off on my beach, enjoying the sunset, being enveloped by the warmth, I told the universe that everything is in its hands.  No longer will I stress about my work, my life goals, and where my life is going.  I trust that it’s path for me will be a great one and that I am along for the ride.  Instantly, the hidden issues I was facing were released and in just 20 minutes, I became more at peace than I’ve been in four months.

I’m excited to see what the universe has in store for me tomorrow, next week, next month,  next year, and beyond.






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