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Meditation Experience (Day 9): Put Your Beliefs Into Practice


If there is one thing I’ve proven to myself about my being, it’s that healthy actions lead to positive results.

I always tell people that my 16-pound weight loss in 2015, wasn’t just related to diet, and it wasn’t just related to exercise.  It was also related to a happier, calmer attitude towards life that was free of judgment and negativity.  When I started working towards that happier attitude, the weight came off rapidly, as there was no more stress, battling for top spot in my psyche.  What got me there was Meditation.

To those that practice, you know what a difference it has made in your life.  In fact, I have a friend who recently wrote an article for Transcendental Meditation who not only let us into his life, but also explained why the TM practice had become so crucial for his overall health.

At a cellular level, living a happier, healthier lifestyle is good for the body.  In effect, you are healing yourself everyday.  More relaxed, happy people live longer lives because the body doesn’t have a need to constantly “attack” something but instead, repair it.  When we allow positivity into our lives, we feel more full of energy, which translates to better metabolization of food, better workouts, and healthier bodily processes.  It also opens us up to allowing inspirational, positive people into our lives that will only elevate our beings to new levels of life.  It’s an amazing and infectious place to be, once you get there.  But like anything else, it’s a process that you can’t force or rush, as it requires self-reflection and an openness to experiencing and maintaining new ways.

Deepak has come up with three guidelines that can help/remind us how to get to a place of continuous healing and positivity:


  1. Be easy with yourself – I’m just as guilty of standing in the mirror, claiming “I’m fat”.  I’m just as guilty of feeling like I’ve failed at something and mentally telling myself that I might as well give up.  The problem with these is that the self-blame and judgment will never help me reach my goals and the more negative re-inforcement I give myself, the further away from those goals I will be.  Instead, I listen to my body and oftentimes, there are pep talks 🙂  For example: “Nichole, if you eat that, in about two hours, you will claim you’re fat.  If you don’t want to feel that way, don’t eat this. Or, shut up and not say a word to yourself when you do.”  Or, “Nichole, just because you feel like you failed, you didn’t.  Go do something else, come back to the problem and work it out.  You need a break.” Sure, I might look crazy for saying these things to myself OUT LOUD but sometimes, you have to learn to be your own best friend and self-soothe because there’s only so many times others will say these things to you before they give up.
  2. Be self-reliant – Number one feeds into this.  You cannot blame anyone else for your life and the choices you make.  Did someone else make you feel bad?  It was your choice to process what was said and have a negative reaction.  Did someone else critique your size, what you wear, your culture, your race, etc.?  Turn it into a positive – feel sorry for the person who has made the comment and take a positive action to help them (or a community) understand what it means to be accepting of others.  In other words, live your life for YOU.  Don’t listen to outside negativity, take it to heart, and then react from a bad place.  Accept that there are others in this world who have not yet figured themselves out for if they had, they wouldn’t have thrown a negative vibe your way.
  3. Embody what you admire – I have two friends that inspire me day in and day out.  I literally ask myself what these friends would do if they were in my position, during certain moments that require a decision.  One of my girlfriends is filled with more love and kindness than I ever could have believed a human could possess.  She selflessly builds hospitals in poor areas of the world, constantly prays for others, gives back to her community, and loves each of her close friends more than she loves herself sometimes.  It makes me want to be a kinder and better person.  My other girlfriend is nice to everyone.  She’s a great listener and maintains a sense of peace in her life by not involving herself in other people’s problems.  She never judges a soul. These two women have led me down a path of complete peace and kindness.  Because of them, I love myself more.

Remind yourself that this is a process.  Always start small in your actions and the more confident you become in them (as well as the more you form a habit with them), the more you can increase your actions to achieve better, happier, and healthier ways of life.






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