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Meditation Experience (Day 8): Making Lightness the New You


The best (and biggest) piece of advice you need to remember every single day is that you have only you for the rest of your life, so start learning how to make yourself happy.  Sobering thoughts huh?  But the reality is, it’s 100% true.  No, it doesn’t mean you will live a life of solitude – you could live with seven people but if you do not take time out to do things for just you, you will never be completely whole, balanced, and peaceful.

Think about that mother that ushers her kids from place to place, makes sure dinner is on the table for everyone, has a massive pile of laundry to do, and by the time she gets to the things she wants to do for herself, she’s passed out.  Or, think about that business woman who has a high-demanding job, going from meeting to meeting, still having to tackle all her other work when the phone stops at the end of the day, getting very little sleep, even on weekends.  Or maybe it’s a combo of both scenarios.  However it is in your life, it’s important to remember that when the kids are down for the night and/or the phone has stopped ringing, you need to spend some time with just YOU.

Let’s say you find that time to do something for yourself – how would you spend it?  Would you remain present in the moment or would you find your mind drifting off to the very place you were to move away from for that time?  Would you find yourself mentally listing everything you have to do, after that time is over?  Or, would you find yourself frustrated because actually taking a mental pause makes you realize just how stressed and tired you are?

In today’s practice, Deepak wants us to not just take time out for us, but make sure that you aren’t casting a dark shadow during your “me time”.  He wants us to be thankful for what the day has brought, helping us to emit that light that lives deep inside of us.  One of the ways to do this, in order to keep yourself present, is to journal.  However, there’s a twist to it.  You’re only allowed to journal in the evening and it can only contain the best moment of fulfillment in the day, nothing else.  The reason for this is to prove to you that the lightness (happiness) in you is completely under your control and that no day is truly, 100% a bad day.

My sister once told me that her and her boyfriend would grab dinner every evening and each say three things they were thankful for, during that day.  Not only did they end the day on a positive note, but they found that they were looking forward to what the next day was going to hold, so that they could have at least three things to celebrate the following evening.

These types of small, easy activities can produce an enormous amount of fulfillment in us. In only a few moments, you can go from stressed and chaotic to relaxed, peaceful, and grateful.  Making sure to include “you” in your list of daily “to-dos” will do wonders for your mind, body, and spirit.




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