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Meditation Experience (Day 5): Getting Out of The Hunger Dilemma


Today’s practice on hunger can have many meanings and it depends on your thought patterns, in order to make sense of what it is trying to teach and what you are supposed to learn.

Hunger can mean so many things – an actually feeling in your stomach when it needs food, a yearning/desire for something, or even a bad habit, in which we are filling an emptiness within us.


Based on my post yesterday, it is clear that hunger, for me, is about ambition – a continuous drive for improvement, success, accomplishment, and ultimately, achieving satisfaction.  But what I never thought about was that “hunger” is addicting, causing a continued emptiness in me that never achieves the latter on that list – being satisfied.

When you hit this point of continuously achieving new things, you feel like you’re checking things off a “to-do” list.  It becomes less about celebrating the accomplishment and more about having more things to do.  In other words, I had no idea I was building up a toxic habit of moving rapidly through my goals, acknowledging that something was completed, and heading full force into the next thing without stopping to celebrate.  It can cause a high imbalance, blocking personal needs (hunger), tricking yourself into believing all of you is fully sated by completing the tasks on the to-do list you have created.

What I mean by this last part… most of us that have the daunting task of cleaning our dwelling, see it as another thing on the “to-do” list – one in which eats up a few hours of our time in which we could spend doing other things.  When it’s completed, we don’t take even a second to admire our handiwork, in what surely will be undone in a few hours time, or even take a break to relax.  Instead, we sigh, mentally let ourselves know that task is over and move onto the next thing that will eat up the next block of time.  While the need to clean is sated, the need to relax or admire our clean place is not.  We do not fill ourselves up, even temporarily, with a satisfied feeling.  It isn’t until the end of the day, when we’re in bed exhausted, that we might take a moment to say, “I was so productive!” before drifting off to sleep to tackle the next to-do list.

So how do I plan on tackling the “satisfied” part?  Setting goals for myself that have rewards.  Sure, you might think to yourself, “She can’t seriously reward herself EVERY time she completes something.” My response is, “Sure I can!  I’m worth it!”.  If I clean my place, I’m rewarding myself with an hour to relax!  If I’ve had a long day at work and a long workout, I’m getting a bubble bath! If I get that promotion at work, I’m rewarding myself with pair of shoes I have my eye on (which will be a constant reminder of my hard work every time I put them on).  It’s important for us, no matter what the reward, to take the time out to celebrate ourselves and what we achieve.  Life is too short to run through it at a marathon pace and not take a moment to reflect how amazing we are.


Give me your thoughts!

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