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Hardwell Kicks Off The New Year at Echostage!

Although a “few” weeks late, I didn’t want to fail to post what was absolutely an epic time at Echostage (and an incredible way to kick off the new year), dancing all night to Hardwell.  It was my second time being able to watch another of my favorite EDM DJs, perform from one of the best views in the house – the stage table.

Echostage is a unique EDM venue, which has exploded in popularity, not just because of it’s heart-pounding sound system, visually mesmerizing LED boards, or trippy laser light shows; but also because of the continuous parade of top-name DJs from around the world.  In fact, you often hear people “joke” about how they are going to start signing paychecks over to Echostage, because there isn’t one show you ever want to miss.  It’s become so popular that Slate News recently named it “the best place for EDM music”.  Need proof?  Check out my videos and slideshow below.


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