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Renwick Gallery: Wonder Exhibit

I’m a sucker for a good museum exhibit – especially when you can walk through, in, or ON them 🙂  Renwick Gallery just reopened and to celebrate, they opened with one heck of an exhibit.  Wonder takes you though a spectacular journey that creates a sense of wonderment (henceforth the title).  Artists have used recycled materials (and in some cases former living beings), to create art that you sense you’ve seen in some wacky dream in the past.

In one room, you might be standing under a rainbow.  In another room, you may be laying down on an expansive floor, totally zoned out, staring at the ceiling art.  And, in another room, you might be looking through the hole of a manmade tree trunk, with a stranger staring back at you at the other end. This exhibit is left open to such high interpretation that it has drawn thousands of people in, all having different points of view on what the art looks like, what it represents, and what they feel when they look at it.

Below are some of my pics from my tour.  I highly recommend it.  The museum is open from 10am – 5:30pm daily.

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