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“The world changes by the power of belief and you’re part of that change.” — Deepak Chopra

In these last three weeks, we’ve learned a lot about ourselves and how to adjust our lives to a more positive, fulfilling mindset.  This new mindset has brought us an abundance of love, trust, safety, and wholeness; or as we call it – faith.

It’s through this practice that we obtained clarity, bringing light to ourselves and others, everyday.

For me, this journey was one of positive reflection on who I evolved to be, over the last nine months.  It brought me confirmation that the path I’ve been on, has been the correct one.  It brought me clarity that I should continue to go down this path.  And, it brought me affirmation that I am on the right track, as I am positively affecting not only myself, but others as well.

These meditation challenges aren’t designed for you to take them on for three weeks and walk away.  They say forming a habit takes three weeks – make this a habit you do everyday.  Think of it as soul/mental exercise that you add to your daily workout routine.  Just as physical exercise boosts much-needed endorphins, to keep you happy and healthy, meditation can bring about the same type of feeling but one that has staying power all day everyday.

With this, challenge yourself to keep going.  Never stop pursuing the path you are now on.  Never stop believing in yourself and what you can do.  Be  the best YOU for yourself everyday.

Below are a list of great meditation apps you can use, to continue your journey.  Some are guided, some are not.  Search for each, via your mobile device’s app store.

Deepak Meditation Experience







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