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This past summer, I went on a two week trip through Europe with my family, part of which was spent on a cruise.  Being that I needed a vacation after many recent life-changing events, my vision going into this was to enjoy every single second I had – to be present in the moment and embrace each day with an open heart.  This practice led me to having the best vacation I’ve ever been on.

The picture above doesn’t do the country of Malta justice – it’s a beautiful country with an incredible history, but I digress.  It’s not the country that matters, nor what you see in that picture – it’s the feeling I had while taking the picture that’s important.

You see, every morning on the cruise, I got up between 5:30am and 6am to watch the ship pull into port.  The ports in most European countries are absolutely breathtaking. So each morning, I’d run to the top of the ship, jog around the track, and take in the ports at first light.  Pulling into Valletta, Malta was, by far, the most stunning port I had ever seen.  And, as the sun was rising that morning over these ancient buildings in the picture, while Adam Lambert’s “Ghost Town” is blasting in my head phones, something came right over me: love, truth, beauty, bliss, freedom, creativity, and a sense of unbounded possibilities in my life – every, single thing you need to tap into the very depth of your soul.  They say that when you feel these things, you’ve achieved the highest sense of self – your soul is officially connected to your conscious, as well as all that is around you.  To me, I can only describe this moment in the photo as euphoria – a feeling I had several more times on this trip.

One of the most over-looked thoughts is that we are all connected, regardless of race, religion, age, sex, etc.  We live on the SAME planet, co-habitating together (we’re just all spread out), seeing the same sun rise, and the same night sky.  There is a universe out there much greater than us and depending on our point of view, can find it thrilling or terrifying. But the point is, is that all of our souls are connected in some way.

An acquaintance, and Love Catalyst, Heather Allison, posted a quote on her page today that I love, “Let yourself be surprised”.  I absolutely love this quote, and it fits directly into today’s meditation.  Soul connections cannot be forced, they have to come from within.  More often than not, these connections are wonderful surprises that brings to our conscious, that a soul connection has been made and that our lives have been enriched.  But, we have to be open to this, in order to experience it.

Much like what I did on my trip, everyday, for two weeks, you have to remain present in the moment.  You have to enjoy the moments for what they are, realizing you aren’t going to get those moments back, so you have to make them count.

So let’s chat about how we get these feelings at our disposal:

  1. Realize that you deserve the feelings of love, truth, beauty, bliss, freedom, creativity, and a sense of unbounded possibilities.
  2. Start small in your newfound appreciation in life – stop to appreciate a sunset, give someone a meaningful hug, give someone a heartfelt compliment – do something that will tap into your soul just a little bit.
  3. Value the feelings in number one and ask the universe to increase them.
  4. Have faith that they do.

For me, I refer to this picture, as well as several others, when I want to remind myself of that unbelievable feeling that morning.  It reminds me that I do have the potential for anything in life, and I am grateful to have ever been able to experience it.

I would love to hear of moments in your life that have  brought about a sense of clarity, euphoria, and soul-connecting.  So I’ve turned the comments on!






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