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“The greatest power in this world, is to love. We are born with love, fear is what we learn.” — Deepak Chopra


Love is a universal language.  Aspiring to live as a loving person is within each of us to achieve.  Oftentimes, our egos are afraid to love, as we may feel exposed and/or vulnerable, for fear of rejection or judgment. Acts of love can sometimes require us to go outside of the norm of our culture and/or society, and that can create a level of discomfort in each of us.

But, what most don’t realize is that acts of love do not necessarily have to  be large gestures.  It can be a thought, a simple touch, a smile, a kind look, etc.  What Deepak alludes to is that you should help someone the way you want to be helped; and you should love someone the way you want to be loved (read The 5 Languages of Love for more on this).  The key: expect nothing in return.  Loving someone else should never be selfish, and should always come from a good, honest place.  Giving unrequited love to another can actually be enough to fill your own heart!

It’s within each of us to look for situations where we can help. So reach out, and perform an act of love, even if small, every single day that you can.  Not only will you connect your heart to another, but you will continue to build the self love you need, to thrive.



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