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When most of us think of “faith”, we think of religion.  In reality, faith is  a positive belief (trust) in another being, a situation, a higher power, etc. Having faith is trusting that the outcome will be what we envisioned it would be. Having faith is having both internal and external peace, which radiates out into the world.

Per yesterday’s practice, it’s sometimes tough to believe in and have faith in another, during times of unrest in the world.  But it’s through these times that faith is required the most – to have faith that there is enough good in the world, to overcome the bad.

With some of our most recent events, people all over the world – even those of little faith – have stepped in to provide comfort, solace, physical and mental care, and other support, to those who needed it the most.  They had just enough faith to volunteer their time to those who have no faith at all because of what they may have gone through. Little by little,  it’s through these actions that we create a renewed sense of trust, which turns into a renewed sense of peace.  This process restores the faith, in which builds the foundation for a new reality.

So how do we partake in spreading the peace that is much-needed?  Deepak has outlined some practical steps we can incorporate into our daily lives:


  1. Have peace within yourself.  Most do not take stock of who they are internally. It’s easy to possess inner violence and anger, reject that it’s within you, and blame your negative thoughts and behaviors on others.  This mindset creates a level of manipulation on others that breeds negativity.   We all have the power to reassess who we are, how we are feeling, and adjust to live a more peaceful life.
  2. Carefully listen to and attend to the needs of others.  If you’re in an argument, or witness an argument, try to be objective and see both sides.  Come from a place of peace and resolution.  You can respectfully agree to disagree.  Remember that mistreatment leads to continued disputes, which doesn’t solve a thing.
  3. Enter situation with settled and quiet heart.  Envision the peace you want and then work to obtain it.

These steps can work in any situation, in which even the slightest of unrest can occur. It not only brings peace to situations, but continues the much-needed internal peace to continue on the path of becoming/being your true self.




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