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We’ve spent the last two weeks, learning to find our true selves.  Within this, we’ve learned how to trust our instincts, love ourselves, learn to focus on who we are, and feel whole in the process.  We’ve learned that confidence and positivity inspires both ourselves and others to bring forth a new path of an incredible life we were meant to live.  Now it’s time to turn to how we treat others.

In the wake of recent events in the last week, sentiments are low on wanting to embrace, accept, and help others from all other parts of the world.  Most of us have very strong beliefs on those that have brought harm to others and as a result, we have become untrusting, judgmental, and less inclusive of those from backgrounds that may or may not be associated with these events.  It’s because of these negative sentiments that the world has become a divided place.  It’s because of this that those that legitimately need help, might never receive it.  It’s because within our own being, we have a desire to feel safe with the “known”.

When we meet someone for the first time, we subconsciously look for a certain energy that either signals internal trust or defensiveness. We automatically judge the other, as a way to keep ourselves protected. Unfortunately, that blocks a level of energy that prevents us from receiving.  Now, I’m not saying open yourself up to every single situation out there (goodness knows there’s a lot of bad ones) but in order for us to progress down a positive path, we have to be open to receiving those that might come from a different background that might offer something to our lives we never thought we could accept or experience.

In pre-school terms, it’s “learning to share”.  For adults, sharing is allowing another into your life – sharing your beliefs, your values, your culture – everything that makes up YOU with ZERO fear of being judged.  In return, the other will do the same for you.  In all of us, we have the same common core beliefs – it’s how we use them to relate to others, even in a non-verbal manner.

For example, I have a friend that does mission work a couple of times a year.  She selflessly spends a few weeks at a time, going to 3rd world countries, bringing new school and medical supplies to villages that desperately need them.  She embraces the inhabitants in the villages, remaining open to all of the experiences she has there – whether it be no real bathrooms, very sick people, disease-infested mosquitoes, no clean water, etc. Her heart grows wider as she’s there, with only hugs and smiles as a common source of communication amongst her and the people.  The common bond: a desire to give and receive in equal amounts. My friend loves every soul on this planet and realizes that each of us have beautiful things to bring to the table.  It’s her hope others will follow suite and do the same.

For most of us, we may not be able to share on such a grand level.  But in each of us, we know that the little things matter.  The exercise for this practice is to offer the “small stuff”.  Smile at a stranger or someone you don’t know too well, offer a kind word or a compliment, offer to help if you so choose.  It not only builds a tiny bond between us, but allows the light within ourselves, to shine a little bit brighter.


Give me your thoughts!

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