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We’re getting into the hard stuff this week when it comes to believing in yourself, and being the true YOU that you were meant to be.  And, it’s because today’s practice is centered on letting go of your past.

We hear it all the time, “The  past is the past, just move forward with your life.”  To some, when they hear this, it seems like a “band-aid” or dismissive statement to heal broken emotions, hearts, etc.  To others, it’s a statement, telling you to shed your old self, to make way for your new self.  It really depends on where you are in the self-discovery process, and how open you are to releasing yourself from any past regressions, to be able to fully embrace the present moments that now define YOU.

But what makes this such a difficult process is that we are programmed to feel guilt and shame –  two of the HARDEST feelings to move on from, and perhaps the number one biggest obstacle in allowing yourself to be the TRUE YOU.

Guilt and shame block the ability to care for ourselves.  It creates an internal fight within each of us, because we struggle to remember that we are not in debt to our former selves, over something that was less than favorable at one point in time.  When this happens, our “inner warrior” needs to make an appearance and say that it’s not who we are now – who we are now is (insert all positive adjectives that describe you now).

I’ve learned, over time, that the things I thought were bad in my life, have actually set me up for greater success – they have made me who I am, teaching me incredible patience, kindness, confidence, and intelligence. I’ve learned to get better at saying “no” and meaning it.  I’ve learned to say “yes” to more incredible opportunities that might scare me. I’ve learned to make better, more conscious decisions from a good, trusted place, within myself.  I’ve learned that I have to live with ME the rest of my life, so why not be the best I can be for myself, and not worry about anyone else and what they think?

But as easy as it is to say it, I know it’s not.  Below are two exercises to help you overcome this.

  1. In a previous post I mentioned Daring Greatly” by Brene Brown.  It’s a book that changed my life for the better, and I cannot stress enough reading it thoroughly.  It will help to understand what Guilt and Shame means, as well as how to begin to overcome it.
  2. Write down all of the things you hold guilt and shame on.  Review the list and turn them into positive statements about how they have changed your life for the better.  Then, scratch that statement out and use that as an action that it’s time to move on from it.

Trust me, I understand it’s a process but over time, this will get much easier.  You will find the light within yourself, and it will shine as bright as you will allow it.  And, I guarantee it, the more unapologetic you are for who you are, the more drawn others are to you in a positive manner.


Give me your thoughts!

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