Healthy & Beautiful, Meditation


Yesterday’s practice was focused on taking our core beliefs, that are inside each one of us, and affirming what about each of those, make up who we are.  It was an exercise, designed to help you understand the power you have, within each one of these, to realize your true self.

Today, we focus on how we can take these core beliefs, and act on them.  It’s about mapping what we did yesterday, to having the power of what we can do for ourselves and others.  Below are how I’ve turned my core beliefs into actions:

  1. Love – I have the power to be kind, to be affectionate, to be appreciative, to tolerate, to forgive, and to bring forth my light into this world.
  2. Self worth – I have the power to be confident, to be beautiful inside and out, to be intelligent, to accomplish my goals, to take on the world if I choose to, and to be proud of who I am.
  3. Feeling secure – I have the power to keep myself safe, to trust others, to trust myself, to provide myself what I need to be happy and healthy, and to surround myself with uplifting people.
  4. Feeling whole – I have the power to be the best I can be everyday, to be open to giving/receiving love, to understand what I need and go for it, and to be as positive as I can in even the most negative of situations.

Each and everyday, I remember these for core beliefs and certainly try to remember to act according to them, as I’ve listed above.  It’s what naturally brings out my true self into the world, one that I’m proud of.


Give me your thoughts!

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