Healthy & Beautiful, Meditation


This week our practice is focused on turning our core beliefs into personal power – giving us what we need to go out and live our lives the way we want.

In week one, our focus was on identifying core beliefs, defining who we are, learning to overcome negativity, and beginning to set ourselves on a path to becoming our true selves.

In today’s meditation, we began to focus on four core beliefs that are already within us:

  1. I’m loving and lovable
  2. I’m worthy
  3. I’m safe and trusting
  4. I’m fulfilled and whole

Although these seem basic enough, when you begin to focus on each one of these separately, you start to define what each of these mean to you.  Sometimes, it’s not as easy as it looks because oftentimes, we might deny that we have some or all of it in us.  For example, saying the words out loud, “I’m loving and lovable” isn’t the same as answering the question WHY am I loving and lovable.  Or, reading “I’m safe and trusting” might not be the same as actually FEELING that you are.  The purpose of digging deeper into this, is to understand WHY these ARE within YOU.  In other words, what about each of these statements IS true?

(Note that subconsciously, this exercise is to help you gain the positive mindset you need to become who you want to be.)

When I Iook at these core beliefs for myself, I see positive affirmations that make up who I am.  Understanding this for myself, helps me to focus on being the best me I can:

  1. I’m loving and lovable – Why? Because I’m a nurturer and I love to help others.  Seeing people happy, makes me happy.  I try to a be positive, outgoing force in people’s lives because I have love to give.
  2. I’m worthy – Why?  Because I deserve the best in life, because I try to give the best of myself everyday.
  3. I’m safe and trusting – Why? Because I choose to surround myself with uplifting people to the best of my ability.  I try to make the best decisions I can for myself, listening to my gut at all times.
  4. I’m fulfilled and whole – Why?  Because I am open to receiving, and I am open to giving.  I enjoy the present as much as I can, grateful for the life I have.

Now, try the exercise for yourself.  See how great you truly are, and continue to believe in YOU!


Give me your thoughts!

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