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Meditation Day 7: Become What You Believe – Belief Includes Mind, Body, and Spirit

In week one, we learned all about how to map what we want out of life, to our core beliefs.  We learned to ask WHO we are and WHAT we want to become.  We took time to focus on ourselves and how to overcome negativity, to achieving a higher self.  And to round out this week, we bring it all together to push forward into the life we want.

Today, we are asked to stop identifying ourselves with the burden of our past.  No one has gone on to achieve greatness, by weighing themselves down with past regrets, failures, and other negative thoughts and actions that block our forward path.

There’s a book called “Daring Greatly” by Brene Brown.  In it, she talks about what holds so many of us back: shame.  Shame is an end result of being judged negatively, failure, regret, and so many of the negative feelings we come to accept as part of our normal life.  Shame holds us back from doing great things with our lives, for fear of rejection/judgment from another.  She teaches us to let go of our past, to let go of our shame, and to be proud of who we are and what we will become.  The book honestly changed my life.  I also believe it’s a huge step in moving on from your past to become your true self.

My exercise for you today is focused on writing a “Who I am” statement.  It’s a statement that is positive, active, and focuses on who you are emerging to be.  It can be as simple as writing down hidden things about yourself that you are proud to accept and finally show the world like, “I’m a talented novelist who loves EDM music on weekends.”  Or, it could be something deeper like, “I am a successful, intelligent woman who will conquer the world through my writing.”  Certainly, there can be multiple statements made but the point is, tell yourself how amazing you are, show yourself that you are loved and accepted, and begin to live out the happy life you want to live.


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