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Girlfriends Making Waves: Smile Swag Teeth Whitening

I’m always so proud of my girlfriends and what they accomplish in their lives.  They’ve learned to be fearless leaders in their industries, saying yes to opportunities that open more doors, to even more sparkling futures.

One such lady is my girlfriend Dr. Mehrnaz (Alex) Naini.  Dentist to the athletes, as well as some other very notable patients, she has made waves in the cosmetic dental industry, not just for her cutting-edge procedures, but also her tireless contributions to media, events, and other activities that educate consumers on keeping your smile healthy and fresh.

A few months ago, she launched a small line of products called Smile Swag, geared mostly toward women who want their smile to be and/or appear whiter.

At dinner, she handed me a small box, about as big as what would contain a lip gloss.  Inside was a portable wand of tooth whitener gel, designed to quickly be applied on and in between your teeth, after any stainable food or drink has been consumed.  With regular use, your teeth become whiter. It requires no setting time and no rinse, and even has a hint of minty freshness.



She showed me how easy it is to apply (you only need very little at a time!) and how within seconds it not only contributes to whiter teeth, but dissolves as though you never applied it (unlike those whitening trays that leave you drooling, sitting around for 30 minutes, waiting to be able to rinse and talk).

She also talked about her small line of lip colors and gloss that have a blue-red base.  This universal tone helps your teeth to appear whiter without rubbing off quickly.  And, I have to say, looks flattering on just about everyone!

I know this is just the beginning for her product line, and I couldn’t be prouder or more supportive of her.  If you want to get straight to shopping, click here.